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When Miek discovers the shuttle that brought the Hulk to Sakaar, the Green King faces his ultimate test of rage. Will he stay to rule the people for whom he has fought and bled for the past twelve issues — or will he seize the opportunity to wreak his vengeance on the Marvel “heroes” who sent him into this world of slavery, horror, and war? Also — the Spikes meet their destiny and Hulk and Caiera face the culmination of their greatest hopes and fears. The final two chapters of “Planet Hulk” begin here — don’t miss this critical countdown to “World War Hulk!”


Hulk is called from his bed by Miek. Miek shows him the recording of the Illuminati explaining that they were sending off of Earth, from his craft. He says he already saw it. As he continues to watch, he smashes the viewing screen in rage.

Hulk takes Caiera to the edge of the city. She had told him if they left, he would never have to fight again. Hulk questions his place as the Sakaarson and savior of the planet. Caiera reminds him how his blood has caused life and vegetation to grow on the planet. She tells him this is where he belongs, with his people, his Queen, and his child.

Hulk begins cleaning up the mess the Emperor left behind along with his comrades. The next step is getting the Spikes off the planet to return to the stars. For listening and caring about them, the Spikes consider Hulk their friend. As the Spikes leave, they release the essence of all those they had consumed. The people Sakaar are finally able to say their goodbyes.

The people cheer for the Hulk. They create a monument of him busting out of the ship that brought him there. Suddenly an alarm goes off. He hears the recording along with a warning that the warp core has been compromised. Rushing to the ship, Hulk throws it and yells for everyone to get down. He looks at Caiera as the ship explodes overhead.

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