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Planet Hulk: Allegiance, Part 4

The wedding of the Hulk! That’s right. In an effort to keep peace amongst the different races of Sakaar, Hulk smashes but he also loves…and takes a queen. As PLANET HULK moves toward its monumental end and WORLD WAR HULK looms on the horizon, don’t dare miss this critical moment of what may be the Hulk’s most epic tale!


After liberating the planet Sakaar, the Hulk has been made an emperor. He continues to let the parasitic species, the Spikes, drain energy off of him for their help in overthrowing the Red King and to prevent them from feeding on the innocent. Bruce Banner is briefly seen after the Spikes feed on the Hulk for over seven hours.

There is still some hostility as the Red King's former soldiers still fight against the new regime. Soon a fight breaks out among two of Hulk's group, Elloe and Miek. The solution is to fight to the death in the arena. As the fight begins, Hulk jumps down and starts fighting them. He tells them to fight him or die. Knowing that would be futile, they follow his order to embrace each other rather than have Hulk kill them.

The Elders of the Shadow People meet with Hulk later to discuss the treaty they had with the Red King. Rather than retain the Shadow Guard, Hulk's only wish was to have a queen.

Hulk and Caiera soon complete the Shadow Ceremony. Caiera asks to know all of Hulk and he transforms into Banner. Hulk wanted her to see all of him. Approving, the ceremony continues.

As the people get their queen, Brood and Miek, upset at being forgotten for the time, decide to get a little action of thier own. As they are engaged, they discover the shuttle that Hulk arrived in that the Red King had ordered his men to salvage after Hulk arrived. A recording by Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man can be seen where they aplogize to Hulk for betraying him. It seems that it will be time for Hulk to remember that betrayal.



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