Incredible Hulk #101

    Incredible Hulk » Incredible Hulk #101 - Planet Hulk: Allegiance Part 2 of 4 released by Marvel on February 2007.

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    Don’t miss the next installment of the comic that Wizard Magazine dubbed “Book of the Month”! In this issue:
    Accompanied by Caiera the Oldstrong and Hiroim the Shamed, the Hulk heads into the hold of the Shadow Elders to learn if he truly is the legendary savior known as the Sakaarson — or just another angry monster. Also — secrets revealed about the Great Portal! The final showdown with the Spikes! Elloe makes a shocking decision! And the Hulk smashes and smashes and smashes some more! Featuring pencils by the brilliant Carlo Pagulayan as well as a slew of pages by a surprise guest artist!


    Hulk is taken before the Shadow People's Elders to test his worthiness. They find him too filled with rage and unworthy of being the Sakaarson. Hulk's army continues it march to Crown City. The disable the electonics of the city with an EMP pulse. While Hulk, Meik, Korg, and Caiera go into the heart of Spyke territory, Elloe leads an assault against the King. She finds out it was trap that the King used to root her out but before she could be kill the Hulk arrives with his army and a loyal force of Spykes.


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