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Collateral Damage

Mark Waid's fantastic series about a supervillain turned hero has kept me on the edge of my seat since I started reading it back in March. The story has always gripped my eyes with wonderful art, dialogue, and character development. This issue still had many of those aspects, but wasn't anything to really write home about.

Max Damage is building some sort of project in Coalville while the villains that were terrorizing the city are now held up in a church somewhere in town. Safeword has become a new hero, Hate Crime, and is paling around with Alana Patel as they look for Max. Meanwhile, a villain from the Plutonian's past is taking out villains left and right, and it looks as if its next target is Mr. Damage himself.

Although the basic premise is pretty intriguing this issue was pretty much just an introduction to the next story arc. It's a part of storytelling that readers and writers just have to accept is there, so I'm sure that it'll be expanded upon more in the next few issues. The cover and artwork were still stunning, and the writing was still top notch, but it just wasn't one of those stand alone issues that make you writhe with excitement.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to keep reading. In fact, I'm more interested to see how this next arc is going to affect the superhero world that Waid has built at BOOM! Studios.

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