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Damage & The D.A.

After fending off an attack at his new residence, Max Damage is challenged to fine ONE good man in Coalville. That man -- Mike Whelan, former district attorney. In the old days he and Max Damage were big enemies, but now Damage needs him to step up as he did and take control of the crumbling world. If the chaos that the Plutonian started is to be set right, men like Whelan need to take command of the local governments. However, Whelan isn't so quick to help his former adversary, and for good reason . . .

I luckily got both #17 and #18 of <i>Incorruptible</i> on the same day, so I didn't get to skip a beat when it came to connecting the two issues. It's books like these that can inspire people to make their own comics. The artwork in this book, which I honestly forgot to mention with the last issue, is very sleek and cool. The writing by Waid keeps the pace moving perfectly, and at no point was I not wanting more.

The violence was a bit more prevalent in this issue, and it's cool to see the district attorney character that's used in so many crime fighting comic books used in a different light. Whelan will no doubt be a big part of Damage's reform, though I don't have the heart to spoil it for people who haven't read the issue.

This universe that Waid is crafting is only getting better, and I suggest getting on the bandwagon before it gets too far ahead. Luckily, Waid is able to let you know how things have progressed through dialogue without shoving it in a reader's face. Kudos to him for that.

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