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Mark Waid's little big title !

Irredeemable ususally seems a little more focused and dramatic when compared to Incorruptible, the latter seems more relaxed and humorous than the former, both titles, as far as today goes still compliment each other very well, Incorruptible still offers the same amount of Waid's whacky, enjoyable humor as well as it's sympathetic, likable characters.
The Good
Incorruptible's strength as a title sets itself on continually offering us a view of the world after the plutonian pretty much anihilated it. Seeing Max Damage turn into a force of good is as cool as it's been in past issues, with his sometimes blunt interpretation of superhero ethics, as well as dealing (or not dealing) with the police and the paradigm as he tries to find his way to become a proper hero to the world.
Takara's art is great as always, the characters are drawn simply, yet convey tons of emotion and personality, as well as a very intense, fast motion that is displayed on the action scenes.
The Bad

Not many bad things to say about this issue, perhaps a little lack of Headcase, she grew into a really great character on her own, and sadly she was taken away from us as soon as she reached her peak, but quite frankly, I wouldn't say this is the end for her.
As always, "Incorruptible" delivers where "Irredeemable" is lacking a little bit, it continues to be a progressively good book, and with the introduction of Hayes Bellamy, things are looking to get even more interesting !

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