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Annie has a new look


The cover is cool and it makes you want to pick it up. Especially if you are an Annie fan because she is the main part of the cover.


Alana asks were Annie is and Max and Alana figure out she is gone. Annie took her new costume with her. They find her at a fast food restaurant fighting an evil villain ranting about how Max is not good. Max comes and gets Annie. Max asks why Annie never looks back to the past and asks why she never visits her parent’s grave site. Annie asks Max to go there with her. He goes to her parent’s grave site. Annie has her own gravestone their and Max says that she has a future and should fix things up that way people do not think she is dead. Then at Alana’s house Max takes a nap which is most needed and the whole Plutonium thing is over but, Max does not know yet.

Best Part

I really loved seeing a lot of Annie is this issue especially because she is my favorite character in the series. I liked seeing that Max really does care for her as a father and not like Jailbait which he liked as a love interest. I really will love to see how her story progresses through the series and this issue was a great Annie issue.

Worst Part

In this issue there was just one thing that got me kind of confused. How did they figure out Plutonium was not a threat. I hope they explain that more in the next issue.


I love the art and Headcases new costume is great. I love that she is not a shadow of jailbait with her costume. Now she has one of her own.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!!

4 ½ out of 5.     

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