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Inanna was worshiped as the goddess of love, fertility, and war during the time of the Mesopotamians, Babylonians, Canaanites, etc stretching back into the Hyborean Age. Inanna is the daughter of Anu the skyfather of the Anunnaki. She is best known as the goddess who attempted to seduce the demigod Gilgamesh whom rejected her due to the ill fates her lovers suffered. She later married the god Tammuz. Sometime after Anu decreed that the Anunnaki break their ties with their worshipers Inanna degenerated into a demoness.

Inanna In Comics

Essential Story-lines

Inanna has been adapted from the religious texts and Summerian mythology of the Anunnaki by the publisher DC Comics. She has had appearances or mention in the following series.

Marvel Comics


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