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Jay Garrick, the JSA's Golden Age Flash, is supposed to be Impulse's teacher and mentor. But Jay's about to make the biggest mistake of his career, and it's up to Impulse to prevent it. Final Issue of Impulse.

4,200 years in the future, Carol and Impulse board a time capsule to head back to the present time. When they arrive there they find the Garrick yard torn apart and Joan hysterical. She tell Carol and Impulse about how Jay Garrick learned that The Rival was posing as Joan's doctor and when Jay learned what the Rival had planned he became enraged. Jay and Rival have been battling all over the states and Joan is afraid that Jay might kill Rival out of anger.

When Impulse finds Jay and Rival he talks Jay out from killing the villain, but when Impulse learns that Rival escaped the Speed force by trapping max Mercury, Impulse almost kills Rival. Impulse is able to get his emotions under control but Rival escapes. Jay and Impulse race him back to the Garrick's but are too late and Rival takes the time capsule and escapes in to time.

The next day, Impulse takes Carol back to Manchester Alabama, and along the way the pair decide to be just friends and take it slow.

Sometime later, Impulse has decided to stay with the Garricks and now that they learned that Joan's cancer is mangable, they agree to keep Impulse and mentor him to be the best hero he can be.

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