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Impulse speeds into the future to attempt to recover his long-lost best pal Carol. Will he be successful? And will they be reunited at last? Anything is possible!

In the 63rd Century, Mel and Carol are part of a reality TV show on eighth moons of Korpor. They are forced to fight for their lives against untold monsters and other horrors, for the amusement of the Soomars, the people of Korpor. All seems lost as the girls seem trapped but then an Impulse scout appears and rescues them but then the girls disappear and the scout has to return to the present to explain how he lost Mel and Carol.

In the present, after Impulse listen to how the scout lost his mom and friend, a time capsule appears from the future and beckons to Impulse to come to the future. Impulse goes and is at first treated like a king but when he realizes his speed is turned off, he learns he is a prisoner of the Doocers, a race of television producers.

Impulse then spends the next couple days racing thru challenges trying to save Mel and Carol. Impulse learns that the girls are really holograms and there is no way for him to rescue them.

Meanwhile the girls steal a hologram generator and escape their cell and take over the command center. Carol and Impulse are able to escape in the time capsule but Mel has to stay behind so the pair can get away.

Meanwhile in the present Jay and Joan Garrick meet with Dr. Lateris about Joan's cancer. Then later when Jay goes back to the doctor to question his diagnosis Jay learns that the doctor that has been treating Joan is really Rival.

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