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Impulse is still the most powerful hero in the DC Universe, and, not letting an opportunity escape him, he's using that enormous power recklessly, transforming everything he surveys into his own warped adolescent perspective of life!

The Phantom Stranger retells the story to Max Mercury, of how Impulse came to possess immeasurable amounts of magical powers. He goes on to explain if these powers are not taken from Impulse he may destroy reality, and that the Quintessence has opted to not interfere. Max tries to plead with them himself but to no avail.

Meanwhile in Manchester Alabama, Impulse, Carol and Dox are discussing how Impulses new magical powers are making thing worse for everyone. Barry Allen, Dawn Allen and Don Allen try to point out to Impulse that they were suppose to die saving the world but since Impulse saved them the future was doomed.

Impulse gets frustrated and freaks out. He sends his clones to fix the mistakes but things only get worse. This is when the Phantom Stranger and Max show up. The Stranger teleports the three into the Speed Force were Impulse's magic can't harm any innocent bystanders. Max tries to convince Impulse to hand over the magic to The Stranger, and though Impulse wants to the magic won't let him.

Impulse is able to over power the magic, but before handing it over, he freezes time once more and sends one scout out, and writes a note on his hand saying, "Check the Stranger's pocket". Impulse then unfreezes time and gives the magic back to the Stranger. Once The Stranger has the magic, Max fades back into the Speed Force and Impulse forgets he ever had the magic.

Now back in reality, Phantom Stranger tells Impulse he has done good, but Impulse is more interested in the note on his hand and what's in The Stranger's pocket. When the Stranger finds a piece of paper in his pocket, Impulse grabs it and takes off.

Later, Impulse reads the paper and discovers he left himself a message of where and when Carol and his mother were trapped, and he sends a scout to rescue them.


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