Impulse #86

    Impulse » Impulse #86 - Crisis on Impulse's Earth, Part 1 released by DC Comics on July 1, 2002.

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    Following the "World Without Young Justice" crossover, Impulse has come to possess the near-infinite magical abilities of Bedlam! The most irresponsible, irrepressible, impulsive kid in the DC Universe is now its most powerful hero! This is a world in which Bart's every whim is made real. Look out!

    The Justice League is fighting a creature of great power, who uses their greatest weaknesses against them. Even Superman is no match as the creature possesses great magic, one of Superman only two weaknesses. The League is forced to call on their most powerful member, Impulse.

    He arrives in a purple blur, and reveals to everyone that the creature is really, Mr. Mxyzptlk. Impulse then uses he new powers, he gained from stopping Bedlam, to create a comic book that the reader can hold up to a mirror and force Mxyzptlk to read his name backwards sending him home.

    Impulse then races home to Manchester, Alabama, where his mother, Carol and Dox are waiting for him. This is when Impulse explains to them, and the reader, how he got these new powers. And how he used them to find and rescue Carol and his mom, and how he changed the world for in his opinion for the better, (giving dogs the ability to talk, make cars fly and run on water instead of gas, and making all the heroes fun again).

    Later Impulse, Carol, and Dox are walking around Manchester, and Carol tries to explain to Impulse that he new powers maybe causing more trouble then good, (dogs now want their own bill of rights, oil companies are bankrupt so millions are out of work, the heroes of fun but the villains are worse then ever.) Impulse becomes angry and the magic inside him lashes out at Carol, scaring her and him.

    Meanwhile Max Mercury is watching and realizes something is wrong with this new reality. He attempts to break through an invisible wall and ends up in Limbo with the Phantom Stranger. The Stranger explains that he has been watching Impulse for some time and Impulse may very well destroy reality with his new powers.


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