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The Impossible Man was born on the planet Poppup and is a member of a race of beings who reproduce asexually, able to alter their muscularly malleable bodies at will to temporarily assume any shape imaginable. Poppup was a particularly harsh and dangerous world, and the Poppupians' shape-changing abilities enabled them to survive its many perils. By the time of the Impossible Man's birth, the Poppupians had evolved a collective consciousness, linking the minds of the entire race in a group mind. (Hence, Poppupians have no names because they were, in effect, all the same being.)

Endowed with a slight mental variation that permitted him a degree of individual thought, the Impossible Man acted upon the boredom that his entire race experienced. He did so by transforming himself into a space vessel and leaving Poppup. Eventually, he arrived on Earth and found the planet to provide a great source of amusement potential, especially with the use of his shape-changing powers. During this first visit to Earth, he met the Fantastic Four. He was dubbed "the Impossible Man" after the Thing commented on how the absurd ways the alien used his shape-shifting powers made him "impossible." The Impossible Man made a major nuisance of himself until the Fantastic Four pretended to be bored with him, persuading other people to act the same way. Convinced that Earth was dull, the Impossible Man departed.

After touring other inhabited worlds, the Impossible Man returned to Poppup to share his experiences with his people. When the world-devouring Galactus threatened to consume other inhabited worlds, the Poppupians sent the Impossible Man to lead him to their world, which Galactus consumed. Bored by existence to the point of despair, the Poppupians welcomed the death of their world and their physical bodies. With the Impossible Man's survival, the minds and souls of the Poppupian race would live on in the person of their most adventurous member.

The Impossible Man accompanied the Fantastic Four back to Earth, where he became fascinated by Earth's popular culture. Observing the feelings between Thing and his then-girlfriend Alicia Masters, as well as the emotions of others, the Impossible Man learned the human concept of 'love.' Lonely for someone else like him to share love with, the Impossible Man cloned himself a mate, the Impossible Woman, from his own body. The two aliens then left Earth to explore the frontiers of love and to recreate the Poppupian race.

The Impossible Man and Impossible Woman each cloned many offspring from themselves, known as the Impossible Family. Eventually, however, the Impossible Man returned to Earth, where he asserted that his mate and their children had all developed minds unlike his own. The question had arisen as to who should lead these new Poppupians. The Impossible Man said that to prove his own worthiness, he would agree to compete in a large-scale "scavenger hunt," in which he accumulated many items connected with Earth's super-powered beings. However, the Impossible Man was judged to have lost the contest. (Whether the Impossible Man was telling the truth about his family and his reasons for the scavenger hunt is unknown.)

In space, he met the Silver Surfer. He was intrigued that the Silver Surfer seemed to have no sense of humor. The Surfer believed him insane and asked to be left alone. They were met by a fleet from the planet Ergonar, who demanded that Impossible Man be turned over to them for execution, since the Impossible Man insulted their monarch. He asked the Surfer to help him, which he did. He made Impossible Man promise to never return to Ergonar and went and apologized for Impossible Man's actions and his own, but not before he played his own practical joke on Impossible Man, turning the tables on him.

The next time they met, the Surfer struck a more serious tone. Impossible Man warned the Surfer that if he didn't loosen up and have some fun, he would surely be killed by the coming danger of Thanos, who, in his opinion, was even 'less fun.' The Surfer agreed to try this.

After this, Impossible Man and Impossible Woman decided to go on a vacation with their children. Their first destination was Earth, where Impossible Man tried to have some fun with Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Punisher. After leaving Earth, they went to Satriani, the Skrull homeworld, to have a little more fun with Empress S'byll. After showing the Skrulls the pictures of their vacation, they extended it. Impossible Man went on to torment a Watcher, Psycho-Man, Hank Pym, Ka-Zar, and Thor. He then went to Asgard and caused much trouble, transforming into Kurse to try to get them to fight. They are stopped by Frigga, who actually gives the Impossible Man a spanking. He ended his vacation in New York City, and he and his family went on 'tour' to sing to the universe (like the Partridge Family).

The Impossible Man was last seen creating a toy line of himself with the reformed villain Arcade, although Arcade was not as reformed as he claimed to be.

Powers and Abilities

Impossible Man, like all Popppupians, is omnifarious. Allowing him to take on any shape conceivable. His transformations can appear fluid, like mr Fantastic, or; they can occur instantly with a POP sound affect. He can transform into any person, animal, or object.

He is completely unaware of the logic the rest of the universe follows. Anything and everything he does shouldn’t be possible by the laws of earth 616.

He transforms manipulating his own molecules and rearranging them to a different form. However he also has other ese of this. He can re arrange his molecules into a way that gives him different powers. He can give himself any power he wants such as energy powers, enhanced physicals, matter control and object creation.

An old weakness of his is the fact that he is unable to change color, however he, and his entire species have seemed to have moved on from this weakness and seem to able to change color freely now.

Alternate Realities


In this earth Impossible man was floating around space and then created earth out of pure boredom. The effects of this earth created silliness throughout the multiverse so galactus destroyed it and warned him never to do it again. However it fell on deaf ears and Impy created it again. Impossible man of this earth is able to warp reality on a multiversal level. He is so powerful that he peered through the multiverse and gave all of this incarnations on all earths the power to warp reality and made every poppupian in the multiverse a Powerful warper. Even Impossible man of earth 616 was surprised at his newfound power and went back to poppup to figure out what was happening. He discovered that earth 8910 was being re-named, Impworld where all Poppupians of the entire multiverse went. He went to Impworld expecting nothing but found that most if not all of the poppupians looked almost completely different besides his family. Some appeared as large genies and powerful dragon gods but some appeared tiny and mischivous. He found a friend named Popodrijink. Who like him, was a trickster. Then, The impy of Earth 8910 noticed impossible man and his family wasn’t really happy with his powers as he wanted to be the omnifarious oddity rather than the omniversal God, and removed them. Restoring Impys family the original molecule, matter, and shape shifting powers. Impy of Impworld then went with propijidnik and other imps to earth 616 as they realized the was earth prime. Bringing some of the most powerful pranksters in the multiverse into Prime earth.

Impy of earth 8910 was one of the most powerful beings in the universe with his reality warping powers. He can manipulate any tipe of energy, control matter, create anything he wants, destroy anything, give himself any superpower imaginable, transform into anything, and even control aspects such as time and space. After he shared his powers with the other imps, all the poppupians of the multiverse gained his omniversal reality shattering powers. Making them the most powerful race in the multiverse.


Impossible Man of Earth-14845 had been enslaved by the Controller. Morph of the Exiles freed him from the mind control.

The impossible man from this world is way stronger. He is a powerful reality warper and can change, alter, manipulate, create, and erase anything in existence. His species are all also shaped differently probably due to their shapeshifting Powers. For example some can appear as powerful dragon gods and some can appear as small, elf-like imps. One Member of the species name Popridjintik appears as a small human colored imp with classic clothing as opposed to impossible man who is an alien like green humanoid

Earth 295-Age of Apocalypse

In front of the Dark Lord
In front of the Dark Lord

He came to Earth asking to meet its leader. He was taken to Apocalypse and then he gave Impossible Man to dark Beast who experimented on him. Dark Beast was intrigued with the way Impossible Man could make exact clones of himself. He is in a weakened state from all the experiments, he is then teleported away after Dark Beast told Blink to kill him in order to stop his misery.

In Other Media


FF: The Animated Series
FF: The Animated Series
  • Impossible Man appears in The Fantastic Four episode "The Impossible Man," voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Impossible Man appears in the Fantastic Four: The Animated Series episode "Hopelessly Impossible." After arriving on Earth while being pursued by the Super-Skrull, he begins recapping the events of the show's second season, serving as the framing device for a clip show. He eventually encounters the Human Torch and Lockjaw, and agrees to help the Torch get inside Attilan (which had been trapped beneath an impenetrable energy dome earlier in the season) in exchange for protection. After being encouraged by the Human Torch to "get mean," Impossible Man ends up defeating the Super-Skrull by kicking him into orbit. He was voiced by Jess Harnell.
  • Impossible Man appears in the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episodes "Impossible" and "Contest of Champions," voiced by Terry Klassen.
  • Impossible Man appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "Tremble at the Might of...M.O.D.O.K.," with Jess Harnell reprising his role.
  • Impossible Man appears in the Avengers Assemble episode "Avengers: Impossible," voiced by Tom Kenny. After witnessing the Falcon's battle with the Wrecking Crew, Impossible Man takes an interest in the young hero and decides to make him the star of an action movie. Wanting to film exciting battle scenes, Impossible Man begins bringing in ever increasing threats to fight the Avengers, including Attuma. After Impossible Man brings the Chitauri to Earth, Falcon persuades the alien nuisance to get rid of them by making him a deputy Avenger. Giddy with praise from his hero, Impossible Man saves the day by scattering the Chitauri forces across unknown dimensions. He leaves after this, but promises to return when he's ready to cast Falcon in a sequel.
  • Tom Kenny reprises his role as Impossible Man in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode "Mission Impossible Man."


FF Classics
FF Classics
  • Impossible Man was featured in the HeroClix figure game, both as part of the Secret Invasion series and as a San Diego Comic-Con 2014 exclusive.
  • Impossible Man was featured in Fantastic Four Classics, the sister line to ToyBiz's Marvel Legends series. The figure came as a pack-in with the Human Torch figure from Series 1.
  • A painted lead figurine of Impossible Man was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.

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