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    The ultimate conquering force featured in the "Our Worlds at War." First appeared in Superman #153. This being literally has the power of the big bang contained within him which he uses for destroying and recreating entire universes.

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    The reputation alone of the star-spanning Imperiex was enough to instill fear in the heart of Mongul the Second (especially when the called "Destroyer of Galaxies" decimated the Warworld). With Imperiex on a collision course for earth, Mongul formed an uneasy alliance with Superman so that he might suitably train the Man of Steel for deep Space combat to halt Imperiex`s swath of destruction. In a pitched battle, Mongul and Superman prevented Imperiex from assembling an Energy vortex designed to erase Earth`s solar system. But Imperiex disappeared, leaving the Man of Steel to defeat Mongul. Unfortunately, neither Mongul or Superman realized that the foe they faced was merely a probe in the service of the true Imperiex, a decidedly larger and more powerful being who has focused his attentions on the Man of Steel. Imperiex Prime wields the power of the Big Bang itself. Wanting to destroy the present universe and create a new and more perfect universe, Imperiex Prime sets out to destroy the universe world by world. When Imperiex arrives at Earth, the hero's and villain's of the world unite as one to fight him off. superman merged with Kismet and together they managed to crack Imperiex Prime's armor, but Kismet was killed during the attack. Superman, with help from many other heroes, manages to send Imperiex Prime's consciousness, Brainiac 13 and Warworld back 14 billion years in time to experience the Big Bang. The instant before Imperiex dies in the explosion, he realized that the flaw in the universe he had come to erase was himself.

    Over 8 million on Earth were killed during the attack on the planet.

    Powers and Abilities

    Imperiex has the power of the big bang, the entropy power, inside himself which gives him many powerful abilities such as energy absorption and manipulation, probe creation, powerful energy blasts that can one-shot beings such as Doomsday, and once he absorbed enough power, he can destroy and restart universes.

    Other Media

    Imperiex: Legion of Super Heroes
    Imperiex: Legion of Super Heroes

    He also appeared in the second season of the Legion of Super Heroes animated series, as the main villain. He traveled from the 41st century to conquer the galaxy. Unlike the Imperiex in the comics, there isn't anything cosmic about him. His alternate origin is that he's an alien raised in a gladiator lifestyle, and over time his body was modified by technology that allowed a perfect union of organic tissue and cybernetics. In part 1 of "Dark Victory" he was killed by the evil Brainiac 5 and takes over in his place to put his ancestors plans of order to fruition.

    DC Universe Online

    Imperiex is set to appear in the game.


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