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    A highly skilled athlete, Impala is a mercenary. She follows a very strict code of honour.

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    Much of Impala's past is unknown exceptions one being that she states that she born in Zambia, Southern Africa. At a young age she became an accomplished athlete. Impala was also a reported criminal and came into conflict with hunter from Zimbabwe named Voortrekker as he attempted to track her down in the country of Azania, a country which still practiced apartheid and collect payment on her capture. Later she also came into conflict with the nationalist super-team named the Supremacists. as well as the Coal Tiger.

    Major Story Arcs

    Superia: Femizons

    Femizons luxury cruise
    Femizons luxury cruise

    Impala would later appear as one of the women invited by Superia to join the Femizons. While there, she befriended Asp, Black Mamba and Diamondback, inviting them to the Power Pageant going on that evening. After Diamondback went missing, Black Mamba and Asp asked Impala to help them find her.

    The two would later join Impala for the Power Pageant and after being introduced by Princess Python watch her demonstrate her impressive javelin-throwing skills. When Captain America and Paladin were discovered, Impala participated in the attack on the two of them. Impala threw two javelins at Cap, but he caught one and used it as a weapon against the other Femizons. Despite this, both men were overwhelmed by the Femizons and taken prisoner. After Superia's plans were foiled by Cap, Paladin, Diamondback, Asp and Black Mamba, many of the Femizons went their separate ways.

    Enter: B.A.D Girls Inc.

    Impala later witnessed Asp and Black Mamba being attacked by former Femizons members Battleaxe, Golddigger and Steel Wind, who were trying to collect the bounty Superia had placed on them. Impala joined in the battle, helping her imperiled friends and single handedly defeating Battleaxe. As Black Mamba and Asp fled, Impala caught up and explained that she helped them to even out the odds. Asp and Black Mamba then invited her to join B.A.D. Girls Inc. to replace the recently-absent Diamondback, Impala accepted.

    B.A.D Girls Inc.
    B.A.D Girls Inc.

    Deciding they needed, transportation, the three women broke into an abandoned headquarters of the Serpent Society to abscond with a Serpent Saucer. They accidentally set of an alarm at the Avengers Mansion, however, and Sersi was sent to investigate. Conflict ensued when Sersi believed them to be members of the Serpent Society. Impala threw a javelin at her, but she transformed it into flowers. She then transformed the three women into snakes. She changed Black Mamba back to normal for interrogation. Sersi learned that the three women were not criminals and returned the others to their human form. Black Mamba even convinced Sersi to let them take the serpent saucer, as well.

    Black Mamba, Asp and Impala discussed their further objectives. Black Mamba and Asp wanted to find Snapdragon, the woman who had nearly killed Diamondback while they were with the Femizons. Impala suggested they confront Superia, as she likely kept tabs on all former Femizons, but the other two declined. Instead, they decided to look for mercenary work in Europe and continue their search for Snapdragon there. Eventually, the B.A.D. Girls would end up at the A.I.M Weapons Expo at Boca Caliente. There, they found Diamondback, who was disguised as Mother Night and searching for Snapdragon as well. Diamondback did not reveal her identity to them and, while at the Expo, finally took care of Snapdragon herself. Impala has appeared sporadically since then, having returned to her solo work due to the frequent disbanding/reorganization of B.A.D. Girls Inc.


    Impala made her first appearance in the series by Marvel Comics titled Captain America, #388; Deep Sixed January,1991. She was created during the creative run by Mark Gruenwald.

    Personal Data


    • Real name: Unknown
    • Legal Status: Criminal
    • Marital Status: Unknown
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former criminal, former private investigator
    • Citizenship: Citizen of Zambia, South Africa
    • Known Relatives: Unknown
    • Base of Operations: Variable, formerly Manhattan, New York, formerly Zambia, South Africa
    • Group affiliation: Former member of B.A.D Girls Inc.


    • Hair: Black (shaved bald)
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Weight: 159 lbs
    • Height: 6'2"

    Powers and Abilities

    Impala possesses no superhuman abilities however she is a highly trained to be an Olympic-level athlete and javelin thrower. Her talents with javelin use gives her an incredibly accurate aim. She is also an highly accomplished hand-to-hand combatant who uses leaps, rolls, kicks, and jumps to fight her opponents. Her acrobatic style of combat, agile and graceful moves make her a formidable fighter.

    Weapons and Paraphernalia

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    Impala carries a number of truncheon-like sticks with her, with a click they expand to become sporting javelins. They are held in a small lightweight pack on her back. These javelins are able to be used as a hand projectile weapons or combined and locked together to form vaulting poles. She also uses them as melee weapons either separated as combat staves or kept together as a bo-staff. She can also extend pointed tips to her javelins. When separated each are about four feet. When joined together they can be extended to become a eight-foot vaulting poles.


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