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    Originally the military man known as Colonel Joe Moore, he became the leader of a ruthless raider group after the Fall. When informed of a fortress known as the Citadel and and his raiders led a siege and took the Citadel for their own. Joe Moore gained mythical status after this battle and became forever known as Immortan Joe, the leader of the War Boys.

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    Immortan Joe was originally known as Colonel Joe Moore, the leader of a group of raiders and survivalists who rose up after the Fall. His military background made him a perfect leader and tactician in this harsh wasteland and his following grew with each and every conquest. During one of his raids he met The People Eater who told him of a fortress known as the Citadel. Joe began a siege on the fortress and used his weaker followers as fodder; however, all attacks proved to be unsuccessful.

    Joe somehow found his way inside the fortress and fought for three days, when he emerged he was covered in the blood of his enemies and gained the title of Immortan Joe, for his followers believed him to be immortal.

    He would then begin his rule over the Citadel and the surrounding area with an iron fist.


    Immortan Joe was created by George Miller for the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

    Character Evolution

    Immortan Joe was originally an average man with a military background; however, after his successes in combat he gained the title of Immortan Joe and became a ruthless ruler.

    Major Story Arcs

    Fury Road

    Immortan Joe is shown as the leader of the War Boys and rules over the fortress known as the Citadel. He sends one of his higher officers, Imperator Furiosa, on a journey to Gas Town & Bullet Town in order to trade their water supply for fuel and ammunition. Things go according to plan until Furiosa betrays Joe and changes her destination, this sends Joe into a fury, causing him to send out his War Boys to pursue Furiosa.

    While chasing Furiosa he is joined by the People Eater from Gas Town and Major Kalashnikov from Bullet Town, two of his allies from his earlier days as Joe Moore. Together the group hunts down Furiosa and the war-rig as they travel down Fury Road. Joe manages to catch up to the rig himself; however, he ends his assault after one of his wives (who was escaping on the war-rig) put herself in front of his projectiles, as she knew he wouldn't want to harm her.

    Unfortunately for Joe and his wife they wind up hitting a large bolder thus causing a massive accident. Joe's wife is killed in the event thus sending Joe into a greater madness. Determined to catch Furiosa and her allies he pursues them through the swamp land but fails to catch them.

    Joe gets another chance when the war-rig turns around; however, he realizes their main goal is to make it back to the Citadel as it was left without defenses. Mounting a full assault, Joe and his War Boys pursue the war-rig, attacking it with everything they've got. Joe seemingly has an upper hand but is defeated after Furiosa rips off his face mask thus ripping off the lower half of his jaw.

    The body of Immortan Joe is brought back to the Citadel by Furiosa to show it's occupants that he had been defeated.

    Training & Abilities

    Immortan Joe has strong leadership abilities and is a master of vehicular combat. Originally, he was a proficient and savage fighter but by the time of the movie his body has degenerated with illness and old age.


    • Face Mask - The Face Mask that Joe wears works both to intimidate and to deliver clean air into his lungs. It is attached to a device on his back that filters out toxins and impurities in the air.
    • The Gigahorse - The Gigahorse is Immortan Joe's customized vehicle. It's body is made of two 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVilles that rest on top of each other. It has two incredibly powerful V8 motors. The vehicle is also equipped with larger wheels and modified shocks to enable it more versatile in the wasteland.

    In Other Media

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    Immortan Joe was portrayed by Hugh Keays-Byrne in the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road. He also portrayed the Mad Max villain, Toecutter, in the original Mad Max film.


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