Immortal Man in Darkness

    Character » Immortal Man in Darkness appears in 33 issues.

    Member of the Chinese superteam, The Great Ten.

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    The Immortal Man in Darkness is a Chinese superhero squadron. Although they are a squad, only one can be the Immortal Man in Darkness at a time. They fly a living ship known as the Dragonwing, which was reverse engineered from a crashed alien spaceship. Once suited up, the Immortal Man in Darkness enters a capsule of amniotic fluid and becomes one with the ship. But there is a price for this: every flight takes one year off of the pilot's life. Once a pilot finally dies, the next one in line in the squad takes his place.

    It is considered a great honor to be the Immortal Man in Darkness.

    Known Pilots

    Chen Nuo - The current Immortal Man in Darkness. Graduated top of his class from flight school and special ops. Having extreme skill behind the stick and devotion to duty, Chen was selected to become part of the squadron. Even after seeing the death of the current pilot because of the flights did not deter him from becoming what he long idolized. As the Immortal Man in Darkness he is a member of the Great Ten.


    Immortal Man in Darkness

    The Immortal Man in Darkness' powersuit is actually a living Durlan spacecraft bonded to him.


    There is almost nothing the Dragonwing cannot accomplish. It is able to exceed speeds of mach 10 in less than three seconds, stop immediately, hover, manuever and fly sideways. The Dragonwing is also equipped with over fifty different weapons packages which include energy blasts.

    It also can form tentacles and blades, making controlling the jet seem like controlling living shadows.

    There are also at least nine other ships of the Dragonwing that can be controlled from the Dragonwing itself in extreme conditions.


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