Imani Greene

    Character » Imani Greene appears in 7 issues.

    Imani is the RA for Starbrand, Nightmask and Squirrel Girl at Empire State University. She is initially introduced as a supporting character and Starbrand's love interest.

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    Imani Greene is the room advisor for Osborn Hall at Empire State University. Smart and dedicated, she quickly becomes the object of affection for Starbrand Kevin Connor. She also gathers the attention of his friend, Adam Blackveil, but for completely different reasons.

    Kevin and Adam meet up with her during her physical therapy session with Sha Shan Nguyen. However, Libra ambushed the duo, attacking Imani and Sha Shan in the process. After Starbrand and Nightmask are brought back, Kevin takes Imani to her room. After witnessing Va-Sohn's sudden attraction to Kevin and finding out more about Imani's past, he figures out that she was meant to be true compatible candidate for the Starbrand, explaining his weird sensation around her and Kevin and Imani's quick infatuation with each other.


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