Imaginary Drugs #1

    Imaginary Drugs » Imaginary Drugs #1 - GN released by IDW Publishing on January 2015.

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    An Illuminati celebrity assassin, adorably twisted ritual sacrifices, doomed lovotic space affairs, war toads, G.U.N.T.S., luchador gorillas, and urban languawitches await in this bizarrely wonderful sci-fi-fantasy fueled comic anthology.

    Imaginary Drugs is a creator driven exploration of life, love, death, and raygun-toting, multiverse adventure. Skirting the fears and fringes and subverting the hopes and expectations of the modern imagination, Imaginary Drugs tackles the possible future origins of human life, our increasingly dependent relationship with technology, and the ass-kicking absurdity of beating a nest of blood-suckers into submission with a cosmically powered baseball bat.


    • Saint in the City by McDermott, Sawyer, Russell and McClelland
    • Hunter by Larsen
    • Sacrifice by Larsen
    • Eternal Flame Chapter 1 "The End" by McClelland and Tucker
    • Eternal Flame Chapter 2 "Devotion" by McClelland and Tucker
    • Go Getters by Aldridge, Peterson and Louise
    • Murder Culture by McDermott, Sawyer, Russell and Shaw
    • The Song by Larsen
    • Pilgrimage by Larsen
    • Teddy and the Yeti Presents "Incoming!" by McClelland and Pietro
    • The One Way Split: Planes, Dames, and Shady Dealths At 7,000 Feet by McComsey
    • Oman: The Unknown by McDermott, Ferigato, Smith and Shaw
    • G.U.N.T. by Truman, Vivona, Meehan and McClelland
    • Pretty Lights by Larsen
    • John Watkins: Phantom For Hire in: You Only Die Twice by McClelland and Tucker
    • Hyper by McDermott, Enhart, Smith and McClelland
    • Star Captain Apollo in Escape From Planet Xoleria! by Sawyer, Shaw and Zamudio
    • Return To Maker by Lewis, Donovan, Russell and Dollman
    • Monster by Larsen
    • Cup O'Noodles by Larsen
    • Bottle of Walter by Bertolini, Parker and Shaw
    • Twenty One by Esquivel, Perkins, Wiggam and McClelland
    • T.Y.M.E. by McDermott, Lee and McClelland
    • The Burrito Brouhaha by Frost and Roberts
    • Teddy and the Yeti in "Edge of Reason" by McClelland and Wytch
    • Punch Tomorrow by McDermott, Ziritt, McGhee and Shaw
    • Next Ovum by Aspli, Barros and Shaw
    • Dr. Fukushuu and the Atomic Angels by McDermott, Santos and Shaw
    • Ain't Love Grand by Rangel, Jr., Cody and Rangel
    • Cryptobiosis by McClelland and Larsen
    • Bye Bye Blimpie by McDermott, West, Cody and Shaw
    • Little Red by Joyce and Shaw
    • The Corn Has Ears by Girdler, McClelland, Nichols and Partlow
    • Catastrophage by Truman, McGhee, Tritthardt and McClelland
    • I Sucker-Punched Kongamato--Prehistoric Terror-dactyl! by McClelland, Tucker, Redhead and Roberts
    • New Blood/Old Star by McDermott, Ringuet, Shaw and McClelland
    • Dr. Warhola's 3vol_ut//ion by Esquivel, Gregori, Smith and Orzechowski


    • Murder Culture by Copland and Mathenia
    • Teddy and the Yeti by Ally Cat
    • Sacrifice by McMunn
    • Star Captain Apollo by Menendez and Russell
    • Punch Tomorrow by Becker
    • Imaginary Drugs by Chippara and Russell


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