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Just got my issue of preview from my comic shop and when you flip it around you get this awesome pic above! The story is called SAGA and will feature these two and their new born daughter trying to live as normal a life as possible with a galactic war going on.

It's going to be a new ongoing comic from Image Comics and I'm already excited about it (and I've only read a three page preview mind you). The art looks awesome and the couple trying to raise there baby just look omega awesome! It always thrills my heart to see diversity in comics, but even more so when it looks and sounds this epic!! At the start of the preview for the comic I was having a good laugh while also acknowledging the impact of what was going on, so I am on my tiptoes with anticipation to see where this comic leads.

I can't wait to get my hands on the first issues in March 2 days before my birthday!! You should totally go check out the preview and become in-swooned with it and wait with me patiently for this awesome series to hit print (you may have to put an order for it specifically to come to your local comic shop, but i'm sure it'll be worth it)!


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Looks cool.

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Looks pretty good.

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Still trying to decide whether or not I liked the writing, but the art was delicious.

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@pixelized: Well seeing as how only a smidget of a preview has been revealed I can see that being a pondering factor. The art made me fangasm before I noticed anything else. The portrayal of the parents intrigued and humored me from the little I saw of them and hope more is explored about what lead up to this point rather then a running start and roll type of deal. Also from what i'm gathering, the story may be told from the babies perspective...or at least also the babies perspective. Took me a minute to figure out who the disembodied voice was for a sec and idk how i feel about that yet.

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