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    A humanoid species with precognitive capabilities.

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    Due to the planet that the Iktotchi species came from, their skin was hardened in order to be able to resist the extremely sharp and fast winds that coursed across their planet and the orbiting satellites of their solar system. They were all around stronger than the average human, however they had much less dexterity and capabilities of movement that humans. In that their hands were about one and a half times the size of a humans, equipped with extremely fatty fingers. The average Ikitotchi stood to around 1.80 metres, which gave them a much more fearsome appearance than what was true of the race. Also, the average Ikitotchi lived to around 90 years of age.

    Another aspect of their physical appearance are the downwards-curved horns coming from their heads, which also aided their massive height in their untrue aggressive appearance. These horns were larger in males of the species, for reasons unknown, however as they are believed to have had goat ancestors and to have evolved from them. It is possible that the males horns are larger for the dormant and primal mating instincts that their goat ancestors would have possessed. These horns also having healing capabilities in that, if damaged, they can regrow or repair themselves.

    However, the most impressive aspect of this species physiology, is not their physical appearance. But instead it is the capabilities that they possess of the mind! On average, the species had a semi-powerful gift for precognition, which is the ability to know and foretell the future, which came in handy to them due to their world still being very rough and dangerous. However, these precognitive capabilities seemed to dwindle to a minuscule limit of power the further an Iktotchi got from their home planet.

    The last aspect to do with their minds is that the Iktotchi race has extremely powerful telepathic powers and capabilities. Being able to communicate with one another through sheer force of mind, as well as other sentient beings around them from different races. Which aided them with their precognitive abilities in that they could share their knowledge with others in a much quicker and clearer way, rather than speech.

    Jedi/Sith Iktotchi

    Darth Cognus - A Sith Master.

    Darth Havok - A Sith Lord.

    Renij Jaa - A Jedi Knight.

    Sardoth - A Jedi Knight who left The Jedi Order.

    Saesee Tiin - A Jedi Master and member of The Jedi High Council.


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