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Daimon Hellstrom would be contacted by Dr. Katherine Reynolds from Gateway University when they believe one of their buildings is haunted. She also informs Hellstrom that the janitor saw a man-size creature made out of ice roaming the building one night. Hellstrom agrees to see Dr. Reynolds and investigate the campus for supernatural activity. Hellstorm goes to the building and notices an ankh symbol on the floor during his investigation. An icy figure rises through the floor and grabs Hellstrom from behind. Hellstrom is taken to the realm of Boreas which is a land of absolute spiritual cold and is greeted by their leader, Ikathon. Hellstrom is encased in a icy tomb by Ikathon and even his hellfire is frozen in midair when he attempts to burn his way out. Ikathon and his icy demons journey to earth to dominate humans during their invasion. Ikathon and his soldiers cannot leave the building because of the ankh symbol on the floor so they merge into the walls and lay wait. The janitor and Dr. Reynolds return to the building when they are attacked after the janitor removes the ankh symbol with some water. Dr. Reynolds comes across Hellstrom's supernatural trident and tries to use it to defend herself. Hellstrom realizes that Dr. Reynolds has come into contact with his trident and draws himself to her through the psych-sensitive metal to escape the icy world of Boreas. Hellstrom retrieves his trident and attacks the icy demons. Ikathon grabs Dr. Reynolds and threatens to kill her if Hellstrom doesn't end his assault. Hellstrom agrees to yield his attack and Ikathon reminds the son of Satan that he gave his solemn oath. Ikathon promised to free the female once they take possession of Earth's leaders. Hellstorom strikes Ikathon with his hellfire trident and tells his enemy to never trust the devil's son. Ikathon is engulfed by hellfire and perishes.


Ikthalon was created by Steve Gerber and Jim Mooney in 1974 and first appeared in Marvel Spotlight # 14.

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