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    Ikon is an enigmatic female Spaceknight who appeared on Knowhere claiming to be the leader of The Annihilators and the Greatest Living Spaceknight.

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    Ikon claims to be the second mightiest of the Spaceknights; referring to Rom the SpaceKnight as the mightiest, but not mentioning him by name.

    Ikon appears inside Annihilators base Knowhere, claiming she's to lead the team. The team's collected heavy hitters, none of whom familiar with her or particularly keen on taking orders, don't take her seriously until she manages to thoroughly embarrass them by beating each of them in combat with extreme ease, even though she's significantly less powerful than any of them. She sees the Annihilators' combined extreme power level as a handicap rather than a strength, as each of the members is often holding their attacks back from full strength due to being so very aware of precisely how dangerous they are.

    Well-informed as she came off at first, she was caught off guard when Cosmo revealed to her that the Space Knights' arch-foes the Dire Wraiths had escaped from their prison. Seeking out the truth, they discover several of her fellow Space Knights have been killed by Dr. Dredd. The Annihilators are unable to fight off Dredd before he unleashes the Dire Wraiths from their prison.

    Ikon, along with the rest of the Spaceknights and the entire planet of Galador, gets wiped out by the Builders during the events of Infinity. It was later revealed that she and Starshine survived the attack. The two of them joined in the battle against the Builders.


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