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    The Ikon Suit is a series of uniforms witch emit a gravity sheath; or point defense system powered by user motion activity. Created by Doctor Dave Isherwood who designed a prototype for use by Deathstroke. After being hospitalized by Jericho, he began using his perfected Ikon suit.

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    Ikon is a creation of Dr. Isherwood's; a prominent inventor with ties to an outfit of mercenaries. The Professor created two of these special wardrobes for personal use. One was a prototype given to Slade Wilson, who initially never bothered to apply it, while the other he perfected and saved for himself.

    How the Ikon suit works is that it is a powered gravity sheathe which functions via kinetic energy generated from the users own physical motion and reactions, as well as opposing force directed against it and the wearer. Creating what's called a gravity tidal effect, it loses its protective efficiency when covering a wider area circumference, but receiving an impact from objects as small as bullets reaching to the size fists it's barrier defense is all but impenetrable.

    Said munitions robe can discharge the oncoming kinetic assault of individuals of extraordinary strength back at its attackers with nearly several times the force received. The costumes also come with an automated A.I. support system with which it can actively interface with technically advanced environs.

    In order to assist the wearer in its endeavors, the intelligence monitors user and suit integrity while regulating system parameters as the user makes its journey. The more advanced suit affords even greater capability than its predecessor, the newer version's A.I. has greater processing power than the old and is capable of remotely shutting down it's earlier model. The suit grants it's user superhuman strength and resilience enabling them to pick up and chuck automobiles bare handed, by overclocking the suits gravitational capabilities handlers can attain self-propelled flight.


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