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    Ikol is the soul of Loki that is in the form of a magpie

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    After Loki sacrificed himself during the Siege, Loki put his soul into a hidden place within Asgard, but leaving clues behind so his next incarnation could find him. When the new form of Loki found him, Ikol told this new incarnation to be good, because a trickster is useless without a playground. Ikol now follows Loki around and guides him, but only if Loki asks for help. Loki told Ikol that he will be the opposite of him in every way.


    Ikol was created by  Kieron Gillen.

    Character Evolution

    Ikol went from being Loki, God of Mischief, to a soul who guides Loki on his further adventures.

    Major Story Arcs 

    Thor reincarnated Ikol from a street rat and ever since has been trying to gain the trust of the Asgardians.

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