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    Ikkaku is the third seat of the 11th Division in the Gotei 13. Brash and unpredictable Ikkaku proves himself to be a great warrior and valuable asset to his team. His zanpakuto is called Hozukimaru. His partner is Yumichika.

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    Appearance & Personality

    Civilian Ikkaku
    Civilian Ikkaku
    Birthday: 09 November
    Hair: Unknown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 6'0" (182cm)
    Weight: 168lbs

    Ikkaku wears the traditional Soul Reaper uniform of a black kimono and a white waist sash. Ikkaku doesn't wear the white Tabi socks with his sandals however, but he does wear the straw sandals still. Ikkaku is completely bald with a shiny gleam to it. Ikkaku also has these thin red markings at the edge of his eyes which make him look like he is wearing make- up.

    Ikkaku Madarame is a very violent and out spoken character. He tends to talk a lot when he is trying to start a fight and will laugh at his opponent when he is in the fight. Ikkaku is also a very brash person, liking to start a fight regardless of how little he might know about his adversary. Ikkaku is also a loner when in battle. He has asked Yumichika Ayasegawa to step back and let him fight alone and refused to fight an Arrancar at one point because he liked to fight alone. Ikkaku is also very loyal, continuing to serve Kenpachi even when he has the ability to get promoted to Captain or Vice Captain levels.


    Soul Society Arc

    When Ichigo and the group arrive in the Soul Society Ikkaku is the first to find Ichigo as him and Yumichika stumble across Ichigo and Ganju. Ikkaku attacks Ichigo viciously and trades blows with him before he has to use his secret salve that he keeps in the hilt of his zanpakuto. Ikkaku begins to lecture Ichigo on how a warrior should fight and even drives Ichigo back. Eventually Ikakku releases his Zanpakuto and looks as if he might be ready to finish the battle quickly, unfortunately Ichigo starts using his full powers and ends up defeating Ikkaku. When Ikkaku awakens he is surprised to find that he is still alive and begins to warn Ichigo that Kenpachi will be hunting him now too. Ikkaku is taken to a hospital to be treated for his wounds and is interrogated by Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Ikkaku holds out in the face of being killed until Kenpachi arrives and runs off Kurotsuchi. Ikkaku give Kenpachi a description of Ichigo and where he is headed. Ikkakku eventually heals and joins back up with Kenpachi when all hell breaks loose in the Soul Society.

    Choosing Sides

    Towards the end of the Soul Society Storyline Ikkaku and Yumichika join back up with Kenpachi to help Ichigo and the team save Rukai. Ikkaku takes on his long time friend and one time team mate Tetsuzaemon Iba while Kenpachi takes on two of the other Gotei 13 captains and Yumichika takes one of Tosen's lieutenants. Ikkaku and Iba fight like two sparring partners rather than as bitter enemies. It is never shown as to which one wins but the two seem to take the fight light heartedly, pausing to enjoy saki with one another during the fight. They also use paper rock scissors to determine who will take the high grounds at the start of the next fight.

    Arrancar Storyline

    When Ichigo and the other humans begin to fight against the Arrancar after they attack the city several of the Soul Society's best warriors are sent to help. Ikkaku and Yamichika are met by Edrad Leones, a large and brutish looking Arrancar. Ikkaku tells Yumichika that he will take the battle and tells him to step back. When the fight starts Ikkaku is surprised that the Arrancar does not use his sword and ends up forcing Edrad to release his sealed Arrancar powers. Edrad proves to be extremely powerful and with his powers unleashed he makes Ikkaku finally reveal that he can access his Bankai.

    When Ikkaku finally releases his Banki he stuns Edrad and proves to be very crafty. Eventually Ikkaku and Edrad go head to head for who will win. In the end Ikkaku wins, but in the process he takes some sever injuries that he has to rely on some help when they leave the fight scene to get somewhere to sleep.

    Battle for Fake Karakura Town

    After Aizen has revealed his true motives being to attack the inhabitants of Karakura he is welcomed by the remaining Captains in a battle field that they have set up.  Inside this battlefield are four towers that keep the real Karakura's people safely hidden in a different dimension.  When Baragan tries to send several Menos to attack the towers Ikkaku and several of the Gotei 13's best seated officers attack and defend the towers.  When Baragan sees his first plan stopped he sends in four of his best fraccions after the officers.  Ikkaku is forced to face off with Po, a large arrancar that doesn't say too much at first.  As each of the other officers dispatch their enemies only Ikkaku is left, and he lsoes.  As a large part of his tower is sent crumbling in to the gake city Ikkaku gets back to his feet in time to see Iba and Captain Sajin face save the tower.  Captain Sajin finishes the fight using his bankai and crushing Po.  After wards Ikkaku is scolded by Iba for being too selfish and not utilizing his own Bankai.  Ikkaku starts to defend his actions when Iba tells him he must get stronger so that he can afford to be as stubborn as he likes to be.

    Powers & Abilities

    Ikkaku has the basic abilities of most Soul Reapers with the exclusion that he shows no ability to use Kidos. In the series it is discussed as the 11th Division see that the ability to do anything other than fight is not truly being tough. His powers and abilities include:
    • Master Swordsmanship.
    • Shunpo or Flash steps: Ikkaku is a proficient shunpo user, but only uses it to keep up with very strong opponents.
    • High Spiritual Power.
    • Enhanced Strength.
    • Enhanced Durability.
    • Enhanced Endurance.
    • Hakuda Expert.


    Ikkaku has a very unique and powerful Zanpakutō that plays off his crazed fighting style rather well. Hōzukimaru is plain looking in it's sealed form but it does hide a compartment in the end of the hilt that he keeps a clotting salve in. Ikkaku is ambidextrous and uses his Zanpakutō (in it's basic form) in either hand. 



    Shikai form
    Shikai form
    To transform Hōukimaru Ikkaku presses the end of his hilt against the opening in his sheath and calls forth the release. When released Hōukimari becomes a bamboo looking spear with a long and sharp head and a red tassel at the end of it. When in close Ikkaku can reveal the true power of Hozukimaru by making the spears break into three sections that open at two hidden points.


    Bankai form
    Bankai form
    When fully released into it's Bankai, Hōzukimaru becomes Ryumon Hōzukimaru. The appearance is still a three part weapon that has multiple options for battle. In the Bankai form Hōzukimaru turns into two very large swords that have semi- circular blades and larger red tassels in the place of the hand guards. at the back of the hilts is a large chain that runs to a gigantic half circle blade that has an immense handle running between it's two sides. raising across the length of the blade is a dragon that slowly turns red as his Bankai fully releases it's power. When Ikkaku releases his bankai to defeat Edrad he makes mention of the fact that Hōzukimaru is rather lazy and take a bit before it gets fully powered.

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