Character » Ike appears in 37 issues.

    Ike is a student at Morning Glory Academy.

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    The heir to a vast company/foundation, Ike is a rich, spoiled brat who torments his mother by acting out all the time. Ike is smarmy, sarcastic, constantly hitting on women, and always looking for a way to get what he wants, even at the expense of others, which alienates him from the rest of the Glories.

    Upon arriving at Morning Glory Academy, Ike quickly ingratiated himself to the teaching staff by betraying the other Glories during their attempted rescue mission of Jade. As a reward, Ike was given a lavish dorm room and leniency with curfew rules.

    Ike was infamously suspected to be his father's murderer before attending Morning Glory Academy and it is initially unclear why he was selected for the school when he was expelled from so many prior. Things became unclear when Mister Gribbs offered Ike a chance to leave the academy should he murder again because the man he was asked to kill was revealed to be the enigmatic Abraham: his "dead" father.


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