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Appearance & Personality

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  • Birthday: 12 February
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Angeloid
  • Type: α (Alpha)
  • Height: 162 cm
  • Weight: 48 kg
  • Class: Battle
  • Wing Type: Variable
  • Occupation: Student

Main Story Arc

Ikaros is an Angeloid that was released by Daedalus and was sent to Earth from Synapse. Ikaros landed next to a old tree where Tomoki (her master) Sakurai was. Tomoki became her master and helped him do his orders. Ikaros was later joined by another Angeloid that was assigned to bring her back to her old master. The Angeloid's name was Nymph. Nymph scanned Ikaros to find her emotions and memories blocked.

Nymph unblocked her memories and Ikaros realized she was the Uranus Queen. Nymph eventually broke free of her old master and joined Ikaros and Tomoki. The third Angeloid came to kill Tomoki and stop Ikaros from having a master. The angeloid's name was Delta and she wasn't smart enough to kill Tomoki and she joined them instead.

The fourth angeloid that came was named Chaos. Chaos attacked Ikaros. Ikaros sent her to the bottom of the ocean but sacrificed her ship doing it. Ikaros later was tricked into hurting herself by Chaos because Chaos shapeshifted into Tomoki and told her to destroy herself. She with the help of Nymph and Delta beat Chaos and Chaos joined them because she wanted to know what love was.

Powers and Abilities

  • Speed- She can fly at the speed of mach 24 while 75% of her variable wings are sealed. Using her full speed she can flight to space in seconds, react to a close hand lightning bolt, reacted to Artemis of her melan copies. Fly faster than Nymph, who was able to react and briefly out fly Artemis (which is fast enough to cross the planet in seconds). She was able to deploy her shield and delayed her reactions by 3.5 femtoseconds. She upgraded her rotational speed by 370%.
  • Strength- While in base form with no supporting armor, She lifted a large chicken that dwarfed the buildings around her. She throw a small flu pill form space with enough force to destroy a town surrounded by mountains. She was able to easily break Melan Astraea shield which is a superior version to Astraea shield. Which is also stronger than Uranus Queen Ikaros shield.
  • Apollon- Explosive arrows she first used to destroy the Babylonian empire. While weak and stated by Nymph, who can see energy outputs was stated to easily destroy Japan. She was able to spam Synapse with them while malfunctioned. She can charge these for even more power.
  • Artemis- She can fire multiple laser missiles at once that are great at tracking to her targets. They can follow their targets forever. Artemis has shown to have planetary range and cross the planet in one panel. They are also powered by her seriousness. She summoned millions at once to wipe out the population of an empire.
  • Hephaestus- A large laser cannon that impact is strong enough to shoot someone to the moon and disperse layer of clouds.
  • Aegis- Ikaros can generate a nigh-invincible energy shield that can cover 360 degree angle and can defend against almost all attacks. She can also block Apollon, sound/wind on a planetary level and reflect attacks back.
  • Uranus Queen- This is basically the battle mode setting on her and it increases her strength and speed and she can access more weaponry when in this mode.
  • Uranus System- When activated four pillars from her ship cross dimensions and aid her in battle. These are the heavy attacks and she lost the Uranus System in the battle against Chaos. (anime)
  • Regeneration- Managed to regrow her wings and regenerated from extensive damage to her body
  • Durability- She was able to take a beating from the perfect copy of her Uranus Queen form and intercepted an Apollon. She also tanked a angeloid self destruct bomb comparable to the melan Apollon. She is about to survive the deep sea without her pressure armor.
  • Stamina- She can operate for 720 hours non stop and without air. Angeloids do not require sleep, and has been operating before Babylon.
  • Transport Cards- The Cards are Teleportation devices used to acquire specialized technology from the Synapse. A large variety of devices are possible, some can even warp reality to an extend.
  • Pandora Mode- It allows an angeloid possessing it to grow in power through time and the absorption of other things. It also repairs broken systems and functions. The program that Ikaros is using is supposedly the ultimate program, even the Man of Synapse feared it's power which is why he tried so hard to recover it along with the variable wing core.

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