Character » Ignition appears in 24 issues.

    Ignition's origins are unknown. He made his first appearance in the story arc Emperor Joker where Joker states he cannot remember creating him. He would later work for General Zod. His current whereabouts are currently unknown.

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    Ignition first appears in the story arc Emperor Joker. Joker introduces him as part of his new JLA (Joker League of Anarchy) along side several other characters, new and unknown.Joker states that he does not remember creating Ignition but still included him in his new universe. In Joker's words,

    "Sleek, black, power, baby, I could ride that Cadillac all night long"

    As well as Joker not remembering his creation Ignition has knowledge of the old universe not ruled by Joker, stating the Lois Lane loves Superman, that his "sovereign" will destroy Superman and that he is working for a higher power. Over all the impression is given that Ignition is not of Joker's Universe. It later transpires that Mr.Mxyzptlk made a deal with Ignition referring to him as Clyde. The meaning of this is still unknown.

    Ignition is later seen working under General Zod.


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