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Reg H'rr, or The Igneous Man, is a bounty hunter who enjoys his job.


The Igneous Man was created by Geoff Johns for his run on Green Lantern.

Major Story Arcs

Revenge of the Green Lanterns

Hired to assassinate Hal Jordan, Reg H'rr had been lurking around Chernobyl, possibly due to its similarity to his native environment. Jordan crossed into Russian territory to capture the Igneous Man which sparked a battle with the Rocket Red Brigade. Russia's superhuman defenders wanted to capture the Green Lantern for repeatedly violating their borders. They also wanted the Igneous Man, likely for experimentation to advance their superhuman programs. The Igneous Man fought both Green Lantern and the Rocket Reds, but in the end Jordan was able to elude the Brigade and apprehend the bounty hunter, but he would not learn who had hired him.

Hal Jordon Wanted

Brought to Edwards Air Force Base in California, the Igneous Man was confined within Hangar 44 alongside Sonar, Black Hand, Hector Hammond, Shark, and a Manhunter robot. When Amon Sur arrived at Edwards to reclaim his father Abin Sur’s star ship, the Igneous Man thought he would be freed. Amon Sur would not, claiming the Igneous Man had voided his contract with his failure to capture Green Lantern Hal Jordan. He is presumably still being held in Hangar 44.

Powers and Abilities

The Igneous Man can focus his heat powers or engulf an area in intense heat. The Igneous Man can also survive in hot and radioactive environments.


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