Michael Chiklis Signs Deal With IDW For New Series

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We all know who Michael Chiklis, right?  He is an award-winning actor for his role as Det. Vic Mackey in "The Shield" and has also appeared in both Fantastic Four movies.  Chiklis has just signed a deal with IDW Publishing to develop a series of graphic novels entitled "Olympus."  The idea for the project came from Anny Simon Beck and there are plans to develop "Olympus" for other media such as television and games through Chiklis' company, Extravaganza Productions.
Dark and stylized, Olympus tells the story of ancient Greek gods returning to a ravaged, chaotic present-day earth where they battle for the future of mankind. Olympus features Zeus’ Olympians against the Titans in an epic battle of good vs. evil, and father vs. son. Breaking The Golden Rule of Greek mythology – never to reveal themselves – the supposedly mythic gods Zeus and Aphrodite, Pandora and Cronus, Prometheus and Jason, have returned to renew their timeless battles … as Armageddon beckons.

“As a kid, I was always fascinated by the Greek gods,” said Chiklis, “so the chance to bring my childhood heroes and villains to life in the modern world is irresistible. Besides, I couldn’t say no to Zeus,” said Chiklis, a third generation Greek-American, “no one in the family would ever talk to me again.”

“Not only is Michael Chiklis a truly gifted actor,” commented Ted Adams, CEO of IDW Publishing, “but his passion for comic books will be invaluable in creating what we hope will be a new classic of graphic storytelling."
I can think of a few people here at the Comic Vine offices that will be stoked to hear this.
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As a kid, I was always fascinated by the Greek gods
I've always loved the myths, hopefully these stories will be just as good!!

jumps up and down in excitement
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I hope it does well when actors try new thing it doesn't always end up well and some times it does

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lol didn't know he could write

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Is it just me, or are more and more celebrities getting more involved with comic books, in terms of producing and writing?

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Very intersting! See IDW is always doing something great with their products.

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