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Robin (Tim Drake) runs upstairs to find his Dad murdered. Batman holds Tim as he sobs and tells him, "I've got you".

Owen Mercer wants to see his Dad but the police deny him entrance. One officer claims, "every time one of you freaks" gets near a dead Rogue they are soon resurrected. Batman looks at a piece of paper in his pocket that says, "Protect yourself".

Several superheros spend time with their loved ones or parents as they now feel a wave of relief with the killer Captain Boomerang finally being stopped.

In the courtroom, they release the Suicide Squad from custody since they are no longer guilty, and Dr. Light just smiles now that his memories have been restored.

Owen takes up the Captain Boomerang costume.

Flash asks Green Arrow why he saw eight members fighting Dr. Light instead of seven when he saw Dr. Light's memory was restored. Oliver looks down in shame and begins telling Wally how the Justice League took a unanimous vote to erase Batman's memory of the event when they wiped Dr. Light's mind. Batman was going to attempt to stop them so they decided to remove that memory from Batman.

The Calculator is on the phone and tells the other line that he chose Captain Boomerang because he was cheap. He did not know that he would die in the process.

Batman tries to find the killer of Robin's father.

During the the autopsy of Sue Dibny's body by Doctor Mid-Nite and Mister Terrific, it is revealed that Sue Dibny had been killed by an infarction in her brain. A microscopic scan of Dibny's brain shockingly reveals two tiny footprints as the cause of the infarction.

The Atom gets into bed with Jean Lorgin as they rekindle their love.



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