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    The current Icicle is the son of the first Icicle, Joar. Cameron somehow inherited his freezing powers from his father's prolonged exposure to his cold-ray gun which altered Cameron's DNA. Icicle blames the Justice Society of America for his condition and desired to get revenge upon the team of super-heroes.

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    Cameron became the second Icicle when he joined Wizard's Injustice Unlimited during a time when the American public had turned against their heroes and a law that forbade vigilante activity from going unpunished. Wizard's group got through Infinity Inc, the hired security at the International Trade Conference in Calgary, Canada. The splintered group of the Global Guardians didn't stand a chance and soon after, the heroes joined Wizard's cadre to wreak havoc.

    Cameron as Icicle
    Cameron as Icicle

    Meanwhile, Icicle was given a mission by Wizard to find the frozen corpse of Solomon Grundy. Icicle hypnotized Ice Maiden and forced Jade to help him during his travel to the Arctic Circle. The reluctant heroines were successful in finding Solomon Grundy and Icicle brought him back to Calgary. Wizard's plan was to blackmail the wealthy businessmen at the conference but the plan heads south when Hourman and his band of Justice Society of America members attacked. However, Cameron managed to escape.

    A short time later, Icicle joined Artemis Crock, The Dummy, Hazard, a new Harlequin, and Solomon Grundy in the Dummy's newly established Injustice Society. The Dummy wanted to murder the members of Infinity Inc. that did not become villains in order to make a name for his team. The Society's first target was Skyman and Harlequin was successful in killing him. As for Icicle, he went after Brainwave Jr. and Cameron believed that his attempt to murder Brainwave Jr. was successful but later, it turns out he wasn't and Icicle was captured by the police.

    Later on, Icicle fought against Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., and Starman when he joined Johnny Sorrow's Injustice Society. Johnny freed Icicle from his prison cell.


    The character of Icicle was created for use in DC Comics by Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, and Todd McFarlane. Icicle's first appearance is in Infinity, Inc. #34 which was released in January of 1987.

    Character Evolution

    Cameron never really cared about his father's (Joar Mahkent) legacy and he has made himself far more ruthless than his father, and at first only desires to get revenge against the Justice Society of America for he believes the team is directly responsible. Cameron's skin is albino white due to the pigmentation

    Major Story Arcs

    Stealing Thunder

    For more information see: Stealing Thunder

    Baby Icicle arrives!
    Baby Icicle arrives!

    Icicle along with the Justice Society of America reserves Captain Marvel, Hourman, the new Crimson Avenger, Power Girl, Sand and Jakeem Thunder, fought against Ultra-Humanite in his remade where they were the only people free. After the Humanite's defeat, Icicle was offered membership to the Justice Society of America by Sand but he turned him down for his own reasons, one of which was his new relationship with fellow villain Tigress III.

    Public Enemies

    For more information see: Public Enemies

    Icicle joins other frosty villains like Killer Frost and Captain Cold in order to collect a bounty on Superman that was passed by President Lex Luthor. Ultimately, Batman and Superman are able to easily defeat the cold-hearted villains in Washington D.C.

    Infinite Crisis

    For more information and full arc summary see: Infinite Crisis

    Icicle became a member of Alexander Luthor Jr.'s Secret Society of Super Villains.

    One Year Later

    For more information and full arc summary see: One Year Later

    Icicle is approached by Mirror Master to join the Suicide Squad on a mission.

    Powers and Abilities

    Unlike his father, the first Icicle, Cameron is able to create and control ice without a gun. In addition, his manipulation of ice can produce ice missiles, snow, blasts of extreme cold, rain with temperatures below freezing, as well as generate a wall of ice out of the moisture in the air. Cameron is also able to directly influence the temperature in the surrounding area or in a room, thereby making the current temperatures drop to freezing or below levels.

    Other Versions

    DC Super Friends

    Icicle is part of the "Ice Pack", a team of villains who's personas and powers revolve around ice. The group covers a city in ice and Snow but is eventually defeated.

    Justice League Adventures

    Icicle is a member of the "Cold Warriors", an ice themed group of villains consisting of Polar Lord, Mr. Freeze, Cryonic Man, Captain Cold, Killer Frost, Snowman, and Minister Blizzard. This group tries to take over an African country but is ultimately unsuccessful.


    Icicle is a member of Deathstroke's Pirate Crew. even though Deathstroke can't stand his smugness. Icicle is there when the crew breaks "the new recruits" out of Saint Helena prison for Metahumans. And later when Aquaman and Ocean Master attack the ship Icicle escapes by freezing the floor and falling through. This is where he finds Deathstroke's prisoner Sonar, who he frees. Then later when Jenny Blitz takes over the ship, Icicle and the crew form a mutiny. Icicle is put in charge of killing Briggs, Deathstroke's first mate, a task Icicle enjoys. Then when the mutiny goes bad, Jenny explodes Icicles head, killing him.

    Other Media



    Icicle played by Wesley MacInnes
    Icicle played by Wesley MacInnes

    In the episode Absolute Justice, The Icicle was taking revenge out on the Justice Society Of America because he blamed them for the death of his father. The Icicle along with other inmates were taken out and were part of some kind of team. The Icicle did what he was told by a woman named Amanda Waller. He killed a number of people and since he did this for her he decided to go out and kill them members of the Justice Society one by one. He killed Doctor Fate and Hourman. He used Fates helmet to try and kill Hawkman. The Icicle was defeated and since he wore the helmet he was all messed up in the head. He was locked up in the Metropolis General Hospital but was later transferred to Belle Reve.

    Young Justice

    Icicle in the Young Justice animated series
    Icicle in the Young Justice animated series

    In the first episode of Young Justice, Independence Day, Icicle appears, attacking a bridge in Star City. Green Arrow and Speedy arrived to stop him, and after he used his powers to unsuccessfully hurl icicles at them, he was knocked out by Speedy's bow.


    Cameron Mahkent is a regular character in the Stargirl streaming/tv series. He is a student who attends the same high school as Courtney Whitmore. He is a compassionate person with a talent for art and is developing ice powers just like his dad. He is portrayed by Hunter Sansone.

    The first season aired on DC Universe, a proprietary subscription service that offered digital comics and original programming. The original programming was abandoned early on, with Stargirl moving to The CW where it lasted for 2 more seasons. Unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2022 at the end of its 3rd season when Warner Brothers was bought by Discovery and The CW was sold off and rebranded away from tween/teen programming.

    Video Games

    Young Justice: Legacy

    Icicle fighting against Artemis in Young Justice: Legacy

    Icicle appears in the multi-player RPG based off the Young Justice TV series. Icicle Jr. is one of the villains in the game.


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