Ichabod Azrael

    Character » Ichabod Azrael appears in 57 issues.

    Resurrected gunslinger of the old west.

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    Created by Rob Williams and Dom Reardon, Ichabod Azrael appears in the pages of British weekly anthology comic 2000AD.

    Book one (2000AD progs 1677-1688)

    Ichabod was a gunslinger who killed one too many people. A group of gunslingers were then hired to kill him. He managed to kill them, but was wounded in the process. As he left the town, a child (later referred to as the Child with the Dead Eyes), whom Ichabod previously threatened, shot Azrael through the head.

    He awakes and realizes quickly, that he is dead, confronted by four horsemen who ridicule him, claiming he cannot hurt them as his guns are empty. Checking the cylinders, this turns out to be true. However, when the gunslinger opens fire, he kills the horsemen, and asks one of their horses to take him to the river. He shoots another horse through the head, killing it, and then asks the horse again, before riding to a river as an impossibly long queue waits upon the bank. As he walks alongside the queue, a man stops him, claiming that he knows Ichabod. Azrael refutes this claim, but when the man pushes further, Ichabod admits that he did in fact kill the man.

    Now confronted by more horsemen, Ichabod opens fire once more, hitting the leader with what should have been a lethal shot through the head. Instead, the horseman grows to a tremendous size, stating that Ichabod has "embarrassed" him. This does not discourage Ichabod, and after fighting for a time, he stands over the demon, with one tusk in his hand. Threatening to remove the other, the demon gives Ichabod information that will help him return to the world of the living, and to the woman he loves.

    Book two: Manhunt (2000AD progs 1789- )


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