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    Icemaster is an ice controlling villain. His original appearance was in a Hostess Fruit Pies ad.

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    Icemaster had frozen much of New York when he was opposed by the Human Torch . Unable to melt Icemaster`s cold Ice, the Human Torch threw some Hostess Fruit Pies at him and it made him melt the Ice and he was taken into custody.

    Major Story Arcs

    Masters of Evil

    The Crimson Cowl would bring together twenty-five super villains into her Masters of Evil for one orchestrated plan to rule the world. Icemaster and the Masters of Evil would split up in different groups and acquire important components so they could install numerous weather modulators around the world. The world would bow to their feet after they unleashed cataclysmic storms in various countries. Hawkeye and five Thunderbolts members discovered their base and devised a plan to take down the Masters. Moonstone would join the Masters so she can get inside their defenses while the rest of the T-Bolts took down five foes and wear their costumes as disguises. Moonstone revealed to the Cowl that the T-Bolts were disguised as members of the Masters of Evil. Hawkeye and the T-Bolts removed their disguises and all hell broke loose. Icemaster would encase Charcoal in a block of ice but he breaks free by generating enough heat to shatter his icy tomb. Hawkeye eludes a fire blast from Scorcher and he accidentally takes out Icemaster. Moonstone betrays the Masters and takes down the Crimson Cowl. Icemaster and the rest of the Masters of Evil are defeated and placed into custody.

    Fear Itself

    Icemaster and several other felons that included Aftershock, Living Laser, Ember and Whirlwind escaped from the Raft after a mystic hammer crashed into the facility. Juggernaut picked up the mystical item and transformed into Kuurth of the Worthy. Icemaster and the other Raft escapees headed north into Stamford where they started attacking innocent civilians. Speedball took on all five villains by himself but was eventually overwhelmed after Ember ignited the air around him and lost consciousness from lack of oxygen. Icemaster and his companions decided not to kill Speedball and leave the scene.

    Powers & Abilities

    Icemaster has the ability to generate ice blasts from his hands and can also create various constructs out of ice.


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