What "teams" have Iceman been on?

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Trying to figure out how Iceman has been used throughout his history. What teams he's been on (and subteams within X-Men!!)
- Original X-Men
- X-Factor?
- Gold Team
- Havoc's Team (in the Golgotha book.. and what else?)
- Rogue's Team (when they fought Children Of The Vault)
What else? What's he on now?

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He was on The Champions as well. Bobby doesn't get enough love. It took them thirty years to really do something with his powers. I could see him on a frontline team with Magneto and Namor. It would be cool to have Hellion on that team as well. 

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yup.  Thank you xerox-kitty. 

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"Have" Iceman? Iceman is singular. It should be "What 'teams' has Iceman been on".

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He's been on the Defenders too
 and that cartoon team up with  Spider-Man and Firestar

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