Idie and Iceman

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So when it was first revealed that these two were going to be on the same team i felt that it was a little redundant(since they both have ice based powers) i didn't see the purpose of having both of them on the same team. However after thinking about it a little more, I think it's a great chance for some character development on both their parts. 

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X-Men - Schism #3
X-Men - Schism #3
 While iceman is one of the strongest members of the X-men he's been under used and hasn't been given enough chances to develop. We know that both Iceman and Idie don't have the greatest control over their powers, but I'm hoping that with him being on Wolverines team we can see him help Idie learn more about her powers while consequently learning more about his own. 
I'm starting to think that if anyone should be teaching Idie I think iceman should, not only because he's struggled with controlling his powers, but also because it could do a lot for both characters.
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Doesn't sound to bad, however it really just depends on Aaron. But hey I'll try to stay positive :)
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He'd be a good teacher for her, and she definitely needs someone with heart & some humour.  But I can't help but have my doubts over the quality of this new title... so I'm not going to hold my breath :(

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@TheDynamo6: @xerox_kitty
The way I see it with a roster like that it can either end up really good or really bad...I'm just gonna hope that Aaron has some type of big plan for all these characters.
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It'll probably be Age Of Apocalypse Iceman teaching her since the shoulder ice is something AOA Bobby does. So he might be more brutal in style.

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