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    Enemy of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. It may seem that his main desire is to marry a princess but on a closer look he just wants to be liked, and maybe even loved. He also seeks to make friends but does not understand how.

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    Simon Petrikov
    Simon Petrikov

    Ice King wasn't always blue skinned and goblin like in appearance, as prior to the Mushroom War, he was a normal looking human studying to become an antiquarian. This was when he was known as Simon Petrikov. Once he wore the ice crown to make his wife laugh. He started lose his sanity after wearing it several times. He said to have heard voices when wearing it. Later on, he heard them when he is not wearing the crown. He said to have done something, he not sure of what, that made his wife unable to be around him. He wished to be confined so that will not hurt anyone and so that a cure can be found. When he sees his past self he is afraid others would think of him as a nerd. Each year the Ice King, Finn, Jake, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Peppermint Butler, Cinnamon Bun, Mr. Pig, Royal Tot Toter, Shelby, Candy Cane Guy, a snail, two snow golems, Punchy, Tree Trunks, a two headed duck and a booger reunite to honor the memory of what he once was. The King of the Ice Kingdom, the Ice King is obsessed with princesses and catching them, and attempting to manipulate them into falling in love with him. In his time he has managed to capture many of the princesses of Ooo, including Princess Bubblegum, Ghost Princess, Raggedy Princess, Breakfast Princess, Toast Princess, Slime Princess, Hot Dog Princess and Lumpy Space Princess. Ice King has attempted to capture Vampire Queen Marceline on one occasion, however she scared him off quite easily. Ice King's most loyal servant is Gunter. Ice King is also an avid fan fiction writer, as he once made a story about Fionna and Cake. Short tempered and nefarious, his ideas and plans often clash with those of Finn and Jake, and as such Ice King harbors resentment towards the two heroes. The hostile interactions between the two are further exacerbated by the fact that both Finn and the Ice King pine for Princess Bubblegum.


    Ice King holds some kind of a special relationship with Marceline the Vampire Queen though it is clearly not a romantic one. Every once in a while seeks her out, but does not understand why due to the insanity his crown causes . All that is known at this point is they first met in the aftermath of the Mushroom War. Marceline feels guilty for not being able to help her friend.


    Created by Pendleton Ward. Appears in the comic book Adventure Time, penned by Ryan North with art by Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. Ice King was created initially for the animated television show Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, and he was voiced by Tom Kenny. Of interest is that Tom Kenny also voices SpongeBob Squarepants.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ice King has a multitude of ice powers he is granted by his crown. Freezing rays and beams, resistance to extreme temperatures. Somewhat curiously, Ice Kings beard allows flight. Despite his bulky appearance, Ice King is actually rather svelte with a thin frame. Ice King has also studied and is a practitioner of the Art of Fridjitzu which consists of several martial arts and ice fused techniques. His wizard eyes allow him to be able to see and hear other beings that cannot be able to be scene in normal means, but is unable to touch them. Ice King is also a very talented drummer

    Other Media


    Adventure Time (2010)

    In the episode Prisoners of Love, Ice King has gone on a Princess capturing spree, having caught and imprisoned Lumpy Space Princess, Slime Princess, Wildberry Princess, Hot Dog Princess, Ghost Princess, Emerald Princess and Raggedy Princess. Jake and Finn are imprisoned trying to rescue them and the group must work together to escape their predicament. After he forced them to play musical instruments, Ice King is knocked out and falls into a dream during his slumber. In his dream, the Cosmic Owl tells Ice King that the reason people do not like him is because he is a sociopath. In Holly Jolly Secrets, Ice King's secret history is revealed his life as Simon Petrikov detailed with Finn sympathizing with Ice King's loss of sanity and loss of love.


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