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Current Events

Ice Cube's latest album was "I Am The West." He has said that he will release a new album in the near future.


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O'Shea Jackson was born on June 15, 1969. In 1987 Ice Cube joined N.W.A and his Hip-Hop career rocketed from that point. He is been dubbed "King of Gangsta Rap" and various similar names. However, because of a money fued, O'Shea soon left N.W.A and attacked them with one of the most vicious diss tracks of rap history : "No Vaseline" . After N.W.A departed and was gone, Ice Cube focused on his solo career as well as participating in the group he created : Westside Connection


Rock N' Roll Comics


Undercover Genie: The Irreverent Conjurings of An Illustrative Aladdin


Solo Albums

AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted

Death Certificate

The Predator

Lethal Injection

War and Peace Vol.1 ( War Disc)

War and Peace Vol.2 ( Peace Disc)

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Raw Footage

I Am The West

Everything's Corrupt (coming soon)


Kill At Will

Group Albums

With NWA

NWA And The Posse

Straight Out Of Compton

With West Side Connection

Bow Down

Terrorist Threats


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