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    Japanese teenage girl who hails from a small ninja village. Although she is seen as a young prodigy in the ninja arts, all she wants is to be treated as a normal young woman.

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    Ibuki was abandoned as a child and found by the Geki ninja clan in the woods. They planned to raise her as the ultimate assassin, sheltered from the influence of the outside world. A Geki ninja named Enjo decided this would be unfair for the child and betrayed the clan, taking her with him and raising her himself. Ibuki grew up with the Glade of Ninjas in Japan . She has trained her whole life in the art of ninja under Master Enjo and Master Sanjou. She was allowed to go to regular school and once she graduates she plans to go live a normal life. But leading the double life of high school student by day and ninja by night can be stressful. She has to balance the two, do well at both and keep her ninja activities a secret at the same time! Ibuki's best friend is a normal girl named Sarai. She is also friends with Makoto (who is patiently awaiting Ibuki to accept her challenge) and an exchange student from Africa named Elena.


    Ibuki is a fictional character that first appeared in the Street Fighter video game franchise, developed and published by Capcom. Ibuki first appeared in the Street Fighter 3 video game released in 1997 and was designed by Kinu Nishimura. Ibuki would feature in several of the Udon published Street Fighter comics, most notably her own Street Fighter Legends Ibuki mini series.

    Character Evolution

    A popular and iconic Street Fighter character, Ibuki is a kunoichi or female ninja and typifies many of the traits one would expect but with a teenage twist. Ibuki is one of the few Street Fighter characters alongside icons such as Chun Lee to receive her own individual mini series.

    Major Story Arcs

    Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki #1

    Ibuki and Yuta are being trained by master Sanjou. Ibuki is struggling trying to balance her ninja life with her desires o experience the real world and more normal teenager pursuits.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ibuki possesses many of the traits and abilities typical of ninja. She is very stealthy, agile quirky and fast, and skilled and trained in all manner of traditional ninja weapons, including throwing knives and daggers. Ibuki possesses incredible balance and fighting ability.


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