Character » Ibtisam appears in 22 issues.

    A Mon Calamari pilot serving with Rogue Squadron.

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    The Mon Calamari Ibtisam joined the Rebel Alliance after her people were enslaved by the Galactic Empire. She first saw combat during the Battle of Endor, but was left adrift in space for hours after her B-wing crashed into a Star Destroyer. Her mental reaction was severe enough that she did not fly again for three months.

    When she finally returned to the cockpit, it was with the celebrated unit Rogue Squadron. She did not like serving with the squadron at first, as she preferred the B-wing to the X-wing the Rogues used. She also clashed with Nrin Vakil, a member of the Quarren race, traditionally enemies of the Mon Calamari.

    During a battle on the planet Malrev IV, Nrin fled in the midst of combat. Ibtisam was initially enraged at what she perceived as an act of cowardice, but when he returned to the fight in his X-wing, she realized that all of her negative feelings about him were wrong.

    Along with Wes Janson, Ibtisam was shot down during the Rebellion's campaign on the planet Brentaal IV. Initially believing that they had been captured by the Empire, they found out that they had actual been picked up by a Rebel spy group, and were returned to Rogue Squadron.

    Ibtisam and Nrin would both admit they loved each other, overcoming years of distrust of each other's races. Tragically, their relationship was cut short when Ibtisam was shot down and killed over the planet Ciutric.


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