Ian McNee

    Character » Ian McNee appears in 14 issues.

    Wanting the title of Sorcerer Supreme, Ian spent the majority of his life training in the Mystic Arts. After defending the fabric of Magic itself from Chthon he had the chance to usurp the title from Stephen Strange but failed as Brother Voodoo was chosen instead.

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    When he was younger Ian saw Doctor Strange embroiled in battle, and inspired decided to train in Magic. Ian McNee would begin his mystical training shortly afterwards, with the goal of becoming Sorcerer Supreme as his driving force. Over the next ten years he dedicated himself to his lessons, mastering many different applications of the forces of Magic. Feeling that he was ready, Ian then challenged Stephen Strange for the title. Overpowered, and partially outclassed, he was quickly defeated by Strange.  


    Ian McNee was created by Roger Stern and Charles Vess in 1983 and first appeared in Marvel Fanfare # 6.

    Story Arcs

    While Ian's activities after challenging Strange are largely unknown; it is assumed that he returned to his studies in the Mystic Arts and continued to grow in his powers with the memories of his battle with Strange to drive him. Eventually he acquired the First Tarot and set up a magic shop, on the Cornerstone on Creation in Brooklyn.

    Deciding to consult the First Tarot, Ian was surprised when he found many oddities with the state of magic. In a sudden outburst of Magic he was transported from his shop to an unknown location.

    Ian had become trapped in the Serpent's Sea. Unable to figure out how to free himself, he was saved by a being appearing to be Oshtur. "Oshtur" (who was actually Chthon in disguise) asked Ian to gather multiple Mystical artifacts to balance Magic. With the mission of gathering the Ebon Rose, Darkhold, Sword of Bone, and the Serpent Crown together in order to balance magic, he couldn't help but accept the chance to prove himself worthy of the Mantle of Sorcerer Supreme. Ian traveled through time and space to retrieve the Items. During his travels he encountered Morgan Le Fay, Llrya, Ammut, and was forced to pit his skills againt theirs during his quests.

    Proving victorious Ian was able to gather all the items, or Cornerstones, despite the interferance of these powerful Mystic adversaries. However, upon learning the true identity of his benefactor, revealing that it was Chthon who had asked him to gather the items, he turned on him. As Chthon attempted to corrupt the other cornerstones with the Darkhold, Ian fought against him with all his power. Chthon was banished, and Ian had to work with Ashake & the true  Oshtur to repair the structure of magic. 

    Dr Strange is no longer the Sorcerer Supreme.  Although it is the position & title that Ian always strived for, he has not been Strange's successor.  Instead that title passed to Brother Voodoo.  It is unclear what Ian's feelings regarding the new choice are, or whether he will continue to challenge the reigning Sorcerer Supreme. 

    Powers & Abilities

    Although he is still considerably young compared to most other magic users, Ian already possesses vast magical abilities.  He used his powers to project an illusion of himself in "street grab".  He is also able to manipulate ambient mystical energy and forge the energy into Bolts of Bedevilment and defensive energy shields.  Ian has mastered the more advanced ability of drawing on energy from extradimensional entities.  He is able to call upon the Flames of Faltine and the Wrath of Chill Ikthalon.  Though he doesn't invoke their power, Ian also makes reference to Hoggoth and the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, so it is possible he is capable of tapping other entities as well. 

    He is also in possession of very potent magical items: Ebon Rose, Darkhold, Sword of Bone though he is unable to use it, Serpent Crown (Cornerstones of Creation) and the First Tarot.


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