Character » Iago appears in 11 issues.

    A giant yellow slug with a list and head full of 'self-help' gibberish.

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      When a little, yellow banana slug escapes the Outback it becomes a giant yellow banana slug named Iago.  

    Iago carries a list of names around with him, all the while offering his seemingly random self help statements to his victims.  Iago often offers his victims a hug which ends in the death of the recipient; however, Iago seems unaware that he has actually killed the person he feels he is helping.    

    He also carries around a sack which he uses to carry the remains of those he has killed and the dumps them off a pier where they are eaten by Isz from Sara’s outback.   The last name on his list is Julie Winters.    

    Iago also appears in Sara’s Alice in Wonderland Outback as the hooka smoking caterpillar where he reveals that he was born inside of Sara’s outback due to her mother and Sara’s childhood distaste for her.   Just after this revelation Norbert, Sara’s Maxx, guts and kills Iago, saving the recently ingested Julie Winters. 


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