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This is a trap right?

The change of format of this title away from being one of vampires hunting vampires to one of humans hunting vampires seems to be working at least for the time being. With Mary's army now in his service, Andrew has to make a decision about where to go and how to proceed with his goal and there's. After the action of the previous issues (and the story arc) this series is seemingly taking its time to reload here and to set up the action for following issues. Not only are Andrew's powers expanded upon but so to is the story of Tig and the Professor as they go to meet the Van Helsings. In the end there is an excellent setup for the next issue with a promised three way battle, but the entire story feels a little bit disjointed with a sequence of mini stories as opposed to one continuous overall one. It is still an interesting tale, and the art helps out at times (though at other times could be a hindrance) and the series seems to be going in a good direction, at least from a creative standpoint.

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    THIS COVER. OH MY GOD. SO MUCH WINNING. This is seriously a candidate for my favorite cover of the entire New 52 thus far. This pretty much makes up for the lame misleading covers for the first six issue. HOLY. CRAP. AWESOME.And what an issue it gives us to follow. Its no secret around here that I, Vampire has consistently been one of my absolute favorite series in the New 52. Still my number three, and I've been reading every single series. Is this due in part to my love of Vampires? In part, s...

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