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A New Rulebook

As with many of the new 52 titles I am willfully choosing to not read certain series even when it means that I am missing half of crossovers.  In this case what I am missing is Justice League Dark (which I cut for time reasons not for content) but having done so I think I still get the gist of what is happening here.  Andrew has been sent to some other plane (presumably an afterlife to his undeath) and sent back to deal with Cain.  Mostly the issue is actually not that eventful.  The story telling is such that many full two page spreads are used for a lot of show but not much dialogue.  In fact there is not much which occurs in this issue from a vantage of quantity, though I would say the quality makes up for it.  Firstly there are some panels which I would describe as beautiful in their depiction, but more importantly, this tells the story that it needs to and then it moves on.  It is a restructuring of the series somewhat, but not entirely out of place either.  It will be interesting to see where the creative staff takes this from here. 

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