I Think Our Son Is Gay #2

    I Think Our Son Is Gay » I Think Our Son Is Gay #2 - Volume 2 released by Square Enix Manga & Books on November 2021.

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    With her husband working abroad, mama Tomoko is in charge of raising their two precious sons back on the Aoyama ranch. Keeping her kids fed, clothed, and on schedule is all in a day's work, but Tomoko also watches over them with great love and care...and in the case of her eldest son Hiroki, who's doing a very bad job of keeping his sexuality a secret from his family, a big dose of bemusement. And now Hiroki might have another secret to keep! Lately he's been coming home from school talking enthusiastically about a certain boy, his classmate Daigo! With practically every other word out of her son's mouth being about Daigo, Tomoko can't help thinking Hiroki's crushing pretty hard on his friend!

    Chapter Titles

    • Chapter 22: Inspirational Physique
    • Chapter 23: Girls
    • Chapter 24: Errand
    • Chapter 25: Love Interest
    • Chapter 26: Lock Screen Wallpaper
    • Chapter 27: Class President
    • Chapter 28: Crush Talk
    • Chapter 29: Fortunes
    • Chapter 30: Even Guys
    • Chapter 31: Intended Recipient
    • Chapter 32: Asumi
    • Chapter 33: Sharing What's Yours
    • Chapter 34: Certainties
    • Chapter 35: The Reason
    • Chapter 36: Hobbies
    • Chapter 37: My Big Brother
    • Chapter 38: Love Suspects
    • Chapter 39: Romance Manga
    • Chapter 40: What a Waste
    • Chapter 41: With Him
    • Chapter 42: Daily Expanding Horizons


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    Story Arcs

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