I, Paparazzi #1

    I, Paparazzi » I, Paparazzi #1 released by Vertigo on October 2001.

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    Oddest Little book

    This 150+ page Graphic Novel is a novelty for those true blue Vertigo fans. Its not the greatest in the Vertigo archives but its not horrible in any sense. The storyline is almost engrossing if youcan get past the photos depicting the story art. Its really not for the people who want action in their stories because Ill admit it this is probably one of the more mundane Vertigo comics. The humor in it is dark an twisted, we have our main character Jake who is like any NORMAL photographer hes a jacka$$. So the story follows what happens when you take a picture you know your not supposed to. I had going into this already in my mind this was going to be a forced read but as I got past the tenth page I really started to dig how the story unfolded. And towards the end it did get kinda hurried storywise as if they writers realized "How are we going to keep people reading this?" but it did end on a typical Vertigo ending making you go "Wtf, this guys got no friggin luck.".

    And Like many Vertigo titles the story is what sets it apart from the rest, a very odd book but none the less a good one. 3/5 The art was odd and tacky and if not for the story i would have given this book a poor rating but it saved itself this time.

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