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    This is a hard series from first glance to get interested in.  It is not so much that the character is not endearing – it is that she is too endearing.  The writer seems to be holding nothing back from the “bad girl” persona template.  This is even pretty visible on the first page as a well-drawn panel shows only her hand with tattoos and tiger print fingernails.  With this established as a pattern the character more or less stays within these parameters.  I understand that the writer is trying something different here and that likely the character will undergo some development to be more of a hero after she has discovered her powers, but this shallow approach is evident throughout, for instance with another one of the old standbys – treating prostitutes like punching bags.  The end result is that the main character is endearing enough but that she is working within the confines of a weak surrounding.  I will probably have a look at issue 2 to see if it gets any better, but this is likely not a long lived series.

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