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As the second issue begins, we see Devi discussing her relationship with Sickness, the two get into a discussion where Devi still promises she'll find a way to fight sickness even without the use of her hands, and Sickness telling her even though she caught on early to them taking over her mind, it is useless to resist. Sickness informs Devi that she isn't the first person who caught on to them this early in the process, yet it always ends the same with them taking over nonetheless, allegedly one of the fighters was someone who introduced the forces to Devi. Devi then comes to the conclusion that Sickness is only distracting her in an attempt to make her never use her mind to think about anything. Devi then remembers she is very late for a meeting with someone who hired her as a freelancer painter for a children's book, and speeds away in an attempt to make it there on time. Devi shows up late to the meeting with her new eccentric boss Mr. Nerves, however he doesn't seem to mind the mild lateness. While at the meeting Mr. Nerves tells Devi of several outlandish changes she needs to make to her painting if it will be used in the book, causing her to become mildly annoyed. However during a lecture from her boss, Devi thinks back to the comment Sickness made about someone introducing the spirits to Devi, and has a flashback to her date with Johnny. While overlooking the town Johnny asks her her opinion about what makes a person, and what happens to a person if their most defining trait is taken from them, in this case Johnny's ability to paint (similar to Devi's current case).

After remembering and connecting Johnny's story with her own, she promptly quits her job and rushes home determined to beat Sickness. While rushing up her apartment building stairs, there are several distractions in the hallway attempting to hinder her process from getting back to her room. Devi unfortunately can't make it to her room however, because her excessively obese neighbor is engulfing half of the hallway. Devi decides to try and squeeze past the fat, only to get stuck in the obsessive amounts of fat. While in the fat, she hears a voice that claims to be the fat talking to her, it tells her that the fat is psychic and will attempt to help her. While in the fat, the fat shows her a scene from her childhood in the first grade. In it, a young boy by the name of Spidgey Simons attempts to give her a Valentine's Day card; however, Devi, being too young to understand, coughs chalk into the boy's face and crumples up the card. The fat then tells her that Spidgey later died of a chalk induced asthma attack, and he was the only boy that could ever understand her. She is informed that with him died any chance of social goals. As Devi escapes the fat and makes it to her room, she finds Sickness no longer in her painting, but now in the form of a doll. Sickness then reveals that his entire plan revolves around using Devi's mind as a way to grow stronger, and insists that if Devi tries to ever resist again, it will kill her.

It tells her that it has been stealing her creativity to grow a real body and become stronger by the second, however with Devi quitting her job, it forced Sickness to accelerate its plans. Sickness then tries to make a deal with her offering powers similar to Johnny's such as the ability to almost never get hurt, and given the ability to do anything within reason without getting caught including murder. Devi at first appears to accept the deal, but when Sickness puts its guard down, Devi pins it to an art canvas with a paintbrush and removes its eyeballs. Devi informs Sickness that she won and has full control over her mind again, and with her in possession of Sickness's eyes it will see what ever she wants it to see as a tortured audience to her life. The comic then ends as Devi and Tenna overlook the town enjoying a plane crash that hit their apartment building.







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