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    The son of Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers, Hyperstorm has powers many times magnified.

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    Jonathan Richards a.k.a Hyperstorm is the son of Franklin Richards a.k.a Psi-Lord and Rachel Summers a.k.a Marvel Girl from the future.


    Hyperstorm was made by the creative team of Tom DeFalco, Paul Ryan and Dan Bulanadi. Hyperstorm appeared as an enemy to the modern day Fantastic Four. First appearing in Fantastic Four #406.

    Character Evolution

    Born to Franklin Richards and Rachel Summers, Jonathan Reed Richards grew up in a post-apocalyptic world where giant robotic Sentinels had near completely eradicated Mutant kind. Due to his genetic structure of being the child of two Omega Level Mutants, Jonathan became the most powerful being of his reality, and calling himself Hyperstorm proceeded in taking control, not only of his world, but his entire universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hyperstorm Secret Plot


    Through his tyranny Hyperstorm became feared as a cold and heartless monster. Having learnt of his ancestry in the Fantastic Four Hyperstorm began to plot an elaborate scheme to toy with his ancestors. Learning of Hyperstorm's evil, Mister Fantastic's time-travelling father, Nathaniel Richards, tried to prevent Hyperstorm's coming into being by taking Franklin Richards into the future and raising him to become the teenage warrior Psi-Lord.

    Despite learning of Nathaniel's plan Hyperstorm allowed it to proceed for the time-being. At one point Hyperstorm had rescued the villain Tomorrow Man from the Time-Stream and sent him to battle the Fantastic Four, the following conflict lead the FF to team up with their enemy Kristoff von Doom. With his scheme in motion Hyperstorm set about the second stage abducting both Reed Richards and Doctor Doom, in doing this the FF were almost torn apart.

    Reed Richards and Doctor Doom Returns

    Using Tomorrow Man to trace back to Hyperstorm's home reality the remaining members of the Fantastic Four came face-to-face with Hyperstorm for the first time. But Hyperstorm easily brushed off the Thing, Human Torch and Invisible Woman and imprisoned them in the same pocket dimension that he was holding Mr. Fantastic in. This may have been a mistake on Hyperstorm's part as the FF were able to reassemble and along with Doctor Doom faced off against Hyperstorm again. While the FF fought with all they had Doom tried to siphon Hyperstorm's power for himself. Hyperstorm revealed that he allowed all of this to transpire according to his own wishes, to the chagrin of a power-mad man such as Doom. Hyperstorm similarly sent the FF and Doom back to their time period, confident that they knew his power and would fear him.

    The End of Hyperstorm


    In one final attempt to stop Hyperstorm's tyranny the Fantastic Four sought the aid of Galactus in order to match his power. Learning of this development Hyperstorm arrived in order to try and prevent this up-set. Mister Fantastic was ultimately successful in reviving Galactus, who, hungry from his "resurrection," turned on Hyperstorm as a source of power to consume. Locked in a stalemate both Galactus and Hyperstorm were sent to a pocket dimension in order to seal their power away. However in recent times Galactus has returned, but Hyperstorm's fate remains unknown.

    Powers & Abilities

    Omnipotent Power

    Near Omnipotent Power
    Near Omnipotent Power

    Hyperstorm is a mutant with the power to tap the extradimensional realm called hyper-space and the forces that eminate from within it for many effects. Hyperstorm may open gateways into "Hyper Space dimension" at will, he can use this for instant teleportation to anywhere in the universe. Invulnerability having resistance to physical harm, heat, cold, corrosives, toxins, and disease.

    Hyperstorm also has the abilities of Force Field Generation, Kinetic Bolts, Self Sustenance, Electro-magnetic Manipulation. In addition, he also has the ability of Matter Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Telekinetic Abilities, and Invisibility.


    Jonathan Reed Richards
    Jonathan Reed Richards

    · Height: 6'01''

    · Weight: 215 lbs

    · Hair: Brown

    · Eyes: Red

    · Citizenship: American

    · Family: Franklin Richards- Psi-Lord (Father), Rachel Summers- Marvel Girl (Mother), Reed Richards- Mr. Fantastic (Grandfather), Susan Storm- Invisible Woman (Grandmother), Scott Summers- Cyclops (Grandfather), Jean Grey- Phoenix (Grandmother), Extended Family through the Richards, Summers, Storm and Grey families.

    Other Versions

    Other Media


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